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Welcome to KdBuggie Designs. You can find anything from custom baby shower, birthday party, wedding, and just becuase invitations, cards, stickers, and address labels. This is just a small sampling of the designs that are currently available. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, please send me an email at kdbuggieboutique@yahoo.com and I will see what I can do to create the perfect design for your occasion!

All designs are available in a .jpg or .pdf format for you to print at home or send to your favorite print shop. I also offer printing services. I print invitations and cards on white linen coverstock (80lb.). It has a linen texture to it making it fun and modern. ALL invitations are 5"x7" and printing services include white envelopes.

Invitation design and printing fees are $1.75 per invitation {including a white envelope}.
Digital invitation designs {.jpg and .pdf} are $15 per design.

Matching thank you cards can be designed for any invitation. Some styles are listed in my shop, others can be created upon request. The great thing is that wording on both invites and thank you cards can be completely customized. I offer wording suggestions for invitations, but if you have something else in mind, just let me know!

Custom stickers, party favor tags, return address labels, cupcake toppers, ziploc bag toppers {for favors}, and much more are available upon request and can be designed to match your invitations! Just ask!

Baby Shower Favor Tags

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Return Address Labels to match your invitation

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Thank You cards

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Birthday Party Packs

As always, if there is something you need, don't hesitate to ask! I also do custom Etsy Shop stickers {with your logo on it} and party favor stickers {customized with your party or name on them}

Living a Milk-free, Egg-free, Peanut-free Life

When my son was about 2 months old, we realized he had an allergy to milk. He was breastfed until he was almost 1 year old and never had a problem when I drank milk. Our pediatrician maintained that he couldn't possibly be allergic to milk - insisting that I must have changed laundry detergent or that he had played on the grass - seriously!?! I would know if either of those things happened, and they didn't!

He had a couple violent reactions to products with milk in them {including formula} that I decided to go see an allergist! He talked with me, examined my little guy, and sent us for some blood work. A couple week later we got our confirmation!

At 1 year old  his results came back - on a scale of 0-4, he ranked 4 in milk, 2 in eggs, and 2 in peanuts!

It has meant an extreme lifestyle change for us! I do a lot of baking and cooking from scratch. I read every grocery label in the store before placing an item in my cart {people look at me weird and think I must be a health freak!} My family has switched to rice and soy milk - except for me... can't stand the soy milk! We no longer enjoy macaroni and cheese - unless he is asleep. My days of cheesecake, ice cream, and peanut butter sandwiches are gone.

BUT, I have learned how to adapt recipes so that my little guy can eat them - and they are yummy! I have found health food stores that carry granola bars and cookies that he can eat - which we take on road trips. I have become much more organized and keep a much cleaner home! Yay! I also carry a pouch in my purse/diaper bag containing epipens and Benedryl. It is a magic bag!

At 2 years old he had another round of blood tests hoping that allergy levels went down. The results came back: 4 in milk {same}, 3 in eggs {up}, and 1.5 in peanuts {down slightly}.

So, everyday I am grateful for my special little guy. When I see him enjoying a food, I smile! He is a joy in our family and we are so thankful to have him. PLUS, I think we will all be a little more healthy for it!

Here are some allergy website for anyone interested in learning more or finding allergy-free recipes:

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