Cloth Diapering 101 with Newborns

First off, this post is intended for anyone who will be cloth diapering a newborn or who is considering taking the plunge and starting cloth diapering with their baby. What I write and share is my honest opinion. The great thing about opinions is just that... they are opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that's what makes the world great! While what I share may work for some of you and your little ones, it may not work for others. Every baby is different (trust me on this, I've had four babies) and what works really well for one baby may not work so well with another. 

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A little background: I started cloth diapering almost two years ago with my then almost 6 month old. I came across some cloth diapers at Target (Charlie Banana's) and bought a box thinking it would be really easy to cloth diaper. I was right, and wrong, all at the same time! After reading a little more about cloth diapering, I quickly realized that it was a real commitment. Not just in the money to buy all of the supplies needed for cloth diapering, but in the time as well.

With disposable diapers, it's really easy to buy a package from the store, take it home, change you baby, toss your diaper in your trash pail, and be done! With cloth diapers it's a little more complicated. Before you can even use a cloth diaper you have to wash it/pre-treat it. Then you can use it on your little one. Once it's time for a change, the soiled diaper has to be placed in a wet bag (hanging or in a pail) and you have to wash them every couple of days {I will get into my washing routine in another post} and dry them.

Once I did my research I increased my cloth diaper "stash" (all of the diapers and wipes you have) and jumped in! I will be the first to admit that the first couple of months of cloth diapering is hard. You have to figure out the best brand and style of cloth diaper for your little ones bum, then you have to learn how to put it on your baby so that it doesn't leak. (My daughter went through many outfits a day during our trial and error period -- so don't feel bad if you do too!) I finally figured it all out and now have my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE cloth diapers to use on her -- she's now two. {I will be sharing about her cloth diapers in another post too!}

Officially two plus FOUR now! Welcome baby Jacob!!

Now that our little guy has arrived, my new blog title is right! 

After passing my due date by a couple days... my little guy finally made his debut! I was induced {more on that in another post} and it was a fast labor and a quick delivery!! 

He was my smallest baby by more than a pound! But the moment we saw him we fell in love instantly. 

He had this cute little scowl on his face for most of the time we were in the hospital. I'm pretty sure that since he was induced he was just a little grumpy because he wasn't ready yet.. haha! 

There is something about newborns... you just can't help but smile just to look at them! He has such kissable, squishy cheeks! 

I love baby toes, wrinkly, flaky, purple and all! They are cute and kissable. I always forget to take pictures of my babies little feet... but this time I remembered! I am so glad I did. It's fun even now -- almost two months later -- to look back at these tiny toes! ♥

I LOVE this little guy! 

He was able to stay in my hospital room the whole time with us. I loved it because we could just sit and stare at him... which was most of the time. With each of my babies I always had a hard time sleeping when they sleep because I just want to look at them! I know we are supposed to sleep when they do so we can get our much needed rest... but I just find it so hard to do! 

His big brother and sisters (the younger one not pictured because she can't seem to keep her little 22 month old body still for a picture) were so excited when we brought him home! 

I will post more later... including a short version of my birth story if anyone is interested. For now, I'm off to feed my little guy! Have a great weekend!!