Coffee Table Redo - Country Chic Style

About a week before my husband and I got married, I was driving down the street and a coffee table caught my eye at a garage sale. We didn't have one, so I stopped by to check it out. The lady sold it for $2. It had some damage to one corner {their dog used it as a chew toy} but it wasn't terribly bad, and I loved the rest of it, so I bought it. For 6 years it has had duct tape covering that corner. My goal was to one day fix it, but with school, work, and kids, the years slipped by and nothing got done... until this week!



It doesn't even look like the same table! I love it!

Rather than give you a step by step on how I did it, I am going to do an overview. This way, if you have a piece of furniture {table, dresser, bookshelf, chair, etc.) you can use the same steps to create your own country chic look!

My first order of business what to fill in that corner! I use my trusty wood filler.

It's a great thing to have on hand if you do any remodeling or furniture painting. You can use it to fill in bigger spots {like this one} or to fill in tiny push pin holes. You can smooth is on with your finger really easily. In this case I had to mold it to fit the form of the corner of the table -- kind of like modeling clay.

I also used it to fill in a couple other nicks on the surface of the table. Let it dry completely, and sand away all that stain and gloss on the top. Mine ended up a little blotchy, I kept it though because I wanted a more antique and aged look for my table. If you don't, then keep sanding until it is all smoothed out. Start with a low number sand paper {mine was 60} then finished with a high number {80-120}. The higher the number the smoother the finish.

Next it's time to stain away. I have learned the hard way that it's best to wear gloves when you stain - or paint for that matter. I chose a walnut stain. Something dark enough to hide the corner that I had to recreate.

{Here's how the corner looked after sanding. The wood filler truly is ah-mazing!}

Here's how the table top looked after being stained. I ended up doing 2-3 coats to make sure I got it the color I wanted. The second picture is a close-up of the wood filled corner. You can hardly tell!

And here's how the top looks. You can see how the blotchy-ness {ya, I think I made that word up} in the sanded table top picture translated to an aged look.

Then I lightly sanded the legs with course, then fine grit sandpaper to rough it up enough for my paint to stick. I painted mine with Olympic paint from Lowe's called "white". Easy to remember, huh?

I used 2 coats of paint, wait for it to dry between coats. Then I took it in the garage to dry overnight. I used clear polyurethane to cover the entire table. What does it do? It seals the wood where you have stained, and protects the painted surface from chipping and rubbing off.

After polyurethane-ing the top of the table, I used my fine grit sand paper {120} to distress some of the painted edges around my table legs.

Then top coated it all with a layer of polyurethane - including a second coat for the top {which is why I did it before sanding the bottom... so it could dry).

Let it dry completely. Then I brought it in the house and I LOVE it!

Here's the before again... as a reminder.

... and some afters...

Do you have any projects that have been on the back burner for years!?! Which one do you want to tackle?


How to Create a Photo Wall - the Easy Way!

The alternate title to this post should be: "Why I need a new camera!"

I have a big wall in my bedroom that our bed faces. Up until now it had been completely blank. So much potential that wasn't being used. I decided to turn this blank canvas into a picture wall!

Here's some eye candy to get you brainstorming on the possibilities of creating a picture wall!

Show off some of your favorite fabrics. Perfect for craft room decor!

Spruce up your bedroom with a picture wall headboard.
Create a special corner in your living room or office.

Dress up a living room wall as a focal point.

So many choices...

I dug around in my "old" {meaning anything up to our wedding} photos and decided that I wanted to put up some of our engagement and wedding photos, as well as a couple pictures of the kids.

I opted for a black and white photo theme and decided on black and white frames. Target had a great sale on their picture frames, so I snatched up 2- 8"x10" matted frames and 2- 5"x7" matted frames. I had 2 8"x10" frames already sitting in the garage. I sent my pictures to Costco {except for 2}, picked them up an hour later and was ready to start!

But, how do you get those photos straight, even, and exactly where you want them? I think that is the age old question! Somewhere, a while ago {maybe on HGTV} I saw a trick!

Here's what I learned and how I created my picture wall!

First, grab some paper, scissors, a marker, and some tape. Then use it to create a template for each frame. I placed my photos in the frame already so I knew the orientation of them. Once you have your rectangle, turn the frame over and place your paper on the back of your frame. Use your marker to mark on your paper exactly where the nail should go. This is CRUCIAL to getting your picture wall to be the way you want it.

Since I had 2 black frames, I labeled those templates "black" so that I knew where they would be in relation to the white frames. {I didn't want them next to each other}

Once you have all your templates created, you can arrange them on your wall. Since they are just taped on, you can rearrange them all you want adjusting the heights and location of each picture until you have it exactly the way you want it.
{I decided to cluster mine together in the middle of the wall so that more pictures can be added later.}

Then grab your hammer and nails and place the nails where you marked on each template the nail would go. Since just about every frame is different, this is the trick to making sure that your photos are hung where you want them!

Once all your nails are in, simply pull off your paper. Could it get any easier?

Hang up your photos, and your new picture wall is done!

Now do you see why I say the alternate title is, "Why I Need a New Camera"?
I have a point and shoot. Doesn't really do justice to anything except pictures taken outside in non-direct sunlight. Ya, it's a bummer, but it's what I have to work with. I am working to raise the money to get a nice fancy camera... but until then, it's the point and shoot!

With so many options out there, where would you put a picture wall?


A Little Change is Nice {Goodwill Super Score!}

Yesterday on my way to pick up my little girl from preschool, my son and I stopped into Goodwill. My shopping list? Bar stools and a large picture frame.

How did I do? Well, I didn't leave with anything on my list, but I did leave with 4 fantastic things!

1. A complete Tag Junior for only $5. Yep, you read that right, $5! Talk about a MAJOR find!
2. I found 3 of these window panels from Target - unopened... each for $5.99. They are on the website for $20 each.  There were 3 so I bought them all. I wish there had been 4, but I only really needed 2, so I am happy!

This morning, I put them up and my sons room went from this:

to this:

Not bad for $12.... it completely transformed his bedroom! I want to go hang out in there now!

His room is finally coming along... it's almost done! Next on my to-do list???

Paint the window trim {plus the doors and their trim} and re-cover the glider chair. It's a great chair, but it's not as soft and squishy as when we bought it {5 years ago} and the fabric is a little worn.

So, what do you think? Was it an improvement?? What super good Goodwill/garage sale finds have you scored big on!?!?


GIVEAWAY: Blog Makeover!!

I have just launched a portion of KdBuggie Designs dedicated to blog and etsy graphics! In order to kick off the launch.... I am offering a FREE blog makeover to ONE (1) lucky follower!

Here are the details:
You MUST have a blogspot blog - I do not yet do wordpress. The blog makeover includes any of the following that you would like:
• custom header
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• tabs
• sidebar titles
• background image

If you are interested in having a istock photo as part of your logo (ie. a character, or other clipart) there will be a $30 charge. Otherwise you will receive a logo design with no clipart graphics.

If the winner would rather have an Etsy shop makeover, that is fine too! An Etsy shop makeover will include:
• custom banner
• custom avatar
• reserved listing graphic
• vacation banner
• sale banner

You MUST be willing to let me install the graphics and template (except in the case of the Etsy shop makeover) ... which means you will need to provide me with your login information. Of course, you should change your password afterwards - not that you can't trust me, because you absolutely can - but you just never trust any of the computer hackers out there in cyberland!

How quickly your design is created and installed will depend entirely on how well you can communicate with me (via email).

For more information, visit here. To view my portfolio, visit here.

How to enter:
Visit my design blog here and become a follower.
That's is! Easy huh? Winner will be chosen by on Friday (9.30.2011) in the afternoon PST.

So, make sure you stop by and enter! Feel free to share this giveaway on your blog! You wo't get extra entries.... but if you don't need a makeover, wouldn't it be fun if one your followers won!

Good luck!

Mingle Monday 9.26.2011

Welcome to another week! I've been trying to catch up on all the new followers by following you back. If I've missed you, please comment below with the link to your blog! :)


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Be nice, and have fun!

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Tutorial: Elastic Waisted Shorts {for boy or girl}

My little girl loves to wear skirts.... and here's why... no snaps or zippers to fuss with! She likes leggings, but let's face it, leggings only hold up so well to spunky little kiddos!

So, what's a mom to do? Make her some elastic waisted shorts!

Now she can wear shorts to school worry-free! No help needed with those silly buttons or zippers! PLUS, I made mine out of light-weight denim so they will be long lasting and comfortable!!

The great thing is that these shorts are simple! You can add to them if you want something a little more girly or leave them as is! Perfect for boys or girls!! I am loving the almost bermuda short length too!

Want to make some on your own? Here's how:

Grab a pair of shorts that fit your kiddo. Fold them in half and trace around them. I wanted extra length for mine {since my girly is tall} so I added a couple inches at the bottom. Then, you need extra at the top to be able to add the elastic and fold it all over. How much you leave will depend on your elastic width. Mine was 3/4" elastic, so I left an extra 1-1/2 inches {elastic casing and seam allowance}.

Then fold your fabric in half and in half again with your traced image on top and cut through all 4 layers.

You will end up with 4 pieces. 2 with the curvy side on the left and 2 with the curvy side on the right.

Grab one piece from each pile and match right sides together. Then pin them along the curvy edge.

Then serge or zig-zag stitch along the curve. If you are zig-zag stitching go back over it with a straight stitch to reinforce the inside edge of your stitched {creating a serged sort of look}. Mine is serged.

Grab your iron and iron your seams open {this helps to set the stitching as well as making the next steps easier}. Then take your two pieces and place them right sides together.  Pin both sides of the shorts together all the way down.

Serge or sew the sides together.

Now it's time to work on the waistband. {I did it here as well when I repurposed pajama pants.} Start by serging {or zig-zag stitching} around the top of the shorts to create a fnished edge.

Then fold over the top edge to create a casing for your elastic. Make sure your elastic will fit by using either your elastic or a ruler to measure te width of your fold. My elastic was 3/4" I folded my fabric over 1-1/8" to fit my elastic and allow my a 1/4" seam allowance. Iron your fold in place. If you are a pinning person, go ahead and pin it in place... I like to work sans pins whenever possible!

Then sew your casing. Make sure to leave an opening in your stitching so you can feed your elastic around. I always mark my stopping point with double pins so I remember to stop sewing there.

Now, grab your elastic {trimmed to the right size} a safety pin, a good movie, a comfy chair and start feeding it through!

Sew the ends together and stuff it all back in. Then sew your gap closed to keep your elastic tucked in! Now it's time to finish the legs of the shorts!!

Pin together the small side of the shorts. You will want it to look like this so that it is creating the two leg holes.

Serge or zig-zag stitch it together.

Then serge the ends of each leg hole and fold over a 1/2" hem. Iron in place. Then sew your hem about 3/8" from the edge of your fabric.

Iron all your seams to fortify your stitching and there you have it!

The perfect pair of shorts for playing outside, going to school, and everything else!

Now you can add flowers, trim, paint, or whatever else you want to customize them!

Great for boys or girls!

What projects are you up to today!!?