Tutorial: How to Make a Headband from an old T-Shirt

What if I told you that you could take that old t-shirt that has been sitting in your closet, and turn it into something fun, cute, and functional year round!?

How about turning it into something like this?

If you missed how I turned my t-shirt into that cute rouched flower, check out the tutorial here.  Today I am going to teach you how to take that cute flower that you made and make a headband with it. Perfect for you or your daughter to wear, or to give away as a fun gift!

Here's how to do it.
You will need:
• 1 old t-shirt
• scissors
• sewing machine and thread
• glue gun and glue
• small piece of felt
• fabric flower

Start by cutting a strip off the bottom of your t-shirt that is 2" wide. {If you are using a different t-shirt, make sure you cut the seam off the bottom of your shirt first.}

Cut the side seams off making two pieces that are 2" wide and just about as long as your t-shirt is wide. Trim 1 of those pieces to 16.5" long. I found that this measurement works for both my daughter and I.

Next you want to grab the two ends of your 16.5" long piece and line them up.

Then sew a straight line about 1/2" from the edge of your fabric.

Your finished stitch should look like this.

Then take both ends of your fabric and fold them over to one side of your headband and stitch them in place.

Now it will look like this. This will be the inside of your headband.

Now it's time to bring out that glue gun! Let's here it for glue guns!!! Hip hip hooray! Ok, I'm done, ha!

What you need to do is glue down the side of the seams that you made. It makes this part of your headband a little skinnier. Just a little dab 'il do ya!

Now it's time to glue on that flower! This time you'll need a little more than just a dab. Make sure you turn your headband around so that you are gluing your flower on the OPPOSITE side as the glueing you just completed {ie. the right-side of your headband}.

After you load up your glue, stick your flower on, making sure that it is as centered as you can get it. Then grab a piece of felt and cut a circle out that is big enough to cover the felt circle on your flower.

Flip your headband over so that the flower is on the bottom and the headband is on top and load it up with glue in the center. Then press your felt circle onto the glue.

You will need to glue down the rest of your felt circle. Just work your way around the circle and add a little extra glue where needed to keep that sucker on! 

Here's is how the back looks now. Why use the felt? Well, not only does it cover up the inside of your headband and the stitches you made to make the headband, but it is also a lot softer and nicer on your head! It makes wearing the headband a lot more comfortable. Depending on the kind of felt you use, it will also help to keep the flower in place on your little ones head so you don't have to keep repositioning the headband every hour.

 Finished headband.

The perfect size for my 4 year old!

And the perfect size for me!

What will you do with your flower headband???

Here's what I think. Make a couple using different t-shirts. Wrap one around a tier of a diaper cake at your next baby shower. Use one to dress up a glass vase. The possibilities go on and on!


  1. Great tutorial!! I stumbled it for you!

  2. Thanks Shair!!! You are the best!! :)

  3. Hei, Katy! Such a nice tutorial! Up-cycling is great!

    Shared it on my FB wall, too.

  4. Thanks Gelia! It's so great to find alternate uses for stuff you've had laying around for a while! :)


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