It's Pirate Day!!!

Avast! Ahoy! Aye aye!!!  Today is "talk like a pirate day" and since I have no talent for talking like a pirate, arrrrr, I opted instead to offer a sale on all my KdBuggie Designs pirate 'stuff'.

All pirate designs are 50% off {price has already been adjusted}. You can click here to view my shop and hunt for them yourself OR you can take a look at the pirate products I have in my collection.

 {birthday banner printable}

{thank you tags printable}

Plus, a little something piratey from the boutique side of things! This one's not on sale, but it's pirate too, so I have to share!


Here's to us all having a deck swabbing, swash buckling, treasure hunting, scallywaging, hardy har har {ok, like I said I'm not good at the pirate talk.....} kind of day!


  1. What an adorable and informative blog. I'm a new follower. Saw your button on a friends blog and thought it looked interesting so I hopped on


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