GIVEAWAY: Blog Makeover!!

I have just launched a portion of KdBuggie Designs dedicated to blog and etsy graphics! In order to kick off the launch.... I am offering a FREE blog makeover to ONE (1) lucky follower!

Here are the details:
You MUST have a blogspot blog - I do not yet do wordpress. The blog makeover includes any of the following that you would like:
• custom header
• 2 coordinating buttons
• custom signature
• tabs
• sidebar titles
• background image

If you are interested in having a istock photo as part of your logo (ie. a character, or other clipart) there will be a $30 charge. Otherwise you will receive a logo design with no clipart graphics.

If the winner would rather have an Etsy shop makeover, that is fine too! An Etsy shop makeover will include:
• custom banner
• custom avatar
• reserved listing graphic
• vacation banner
• sale banner

You MUST be willing to let me install the graphics and template (except in the case of the Etsy shop makeover) ... which means you will need to provide me with your login information. Of course, you should change your password afterwards - not that you can't trust me, because you absolutely can - but you just never trust any of the computer hackers out there in cyberland!

How quickly your design is created and installed will depend entirely on how well you can communicate with me (via email).

For more information, visit here. To view my portfolio, visit here.

How to enter:
Visit my design blog here and become a follower.
That's is! Easy huh? Winner will be chosen by on Friday (9.30.2011) in the afternoon PST.

So, make sure you stop by and enter! Feel free to share this giveaway on your blog! You wo't get extra entries.... but if you don't need a makeover, wouldn't it be fun if one your followers won!

Good luck!


  1. WOO HOO! I'm following you there too!

  2. Following you in both places... Man a new design would be totally wonderful. I have working on mine a little at a time, but just not making much progress so I threw up a free template to hold me over... lol


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