Dreaming of the Perfect Kitchen...

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Do any of you have your dream kitchen!?!? We have been in our first ever home for almost a year now and I am dreaming of renovation projects.

Our kitchen here is about 3 times the size of the one we had in our 2 bedroom apartment, but even so, it still seems a bit small. We are lacking major counter space. BUT... and it's a big but, I am so SO grateful to have a home. Not just because we were so cramped in our apartment, but because it means that we are making an investment and that our family can work together to make our house a home!

I can't help but browse the Internet and EVERY catalog in Lowe's and Home Depot for remodeling ideas. Here is how my dream kitchen might look... someday....

I love the light blue/green cabinets {sea foam maybe?!} Plus, look at that island!! I am drooling just thinking of the food I could prepare on that gorgeousness!!

or maybe like this one

Love the island again... PLUS... all. that. counter. space! Mmmm and that double oven! I also love the maple cabinets. They are gorgeous! The hardwood floor running on the diagonal is stunning! Not to mention the bar counter with chairs. LOVE IT. Perfect for a bowl of cereal, or a homework station for the kids while I cook dinner.

or maybe even like this one

Again, H-U-G-E island! I love the tv you can see in the background.. that would be awesome! I could watch the Food Network while I cook... and pretend to be a great chef like Rachel Ray or Paula Deen. The contrast cabinets on the walls and the island are so fun and elegant. Floor tiles... neat! I love the distressed/aged look of the main cabinetry. The tile back splash behind the stove top... breath taking!

One thing I absolutely cannot get enough of is the big feel to each kitchen. They seem to have tons of storage... meaning not a lot of "stuff" on the counters. They are well organized including placement of appliances.

Pendant lighting over the island... a must!

If I had a ba-zillion dollars {ya I think it would take that much $ to do it.. just a ballpark figure though} I could have my dream kitchen and turn this

into this


What is a MUST in your dream kitchen!?! Do you need an island and bar stools? A full size fridge and freezer? Granite counter tops? Pendant lighting? Window seating?

What would your  dream kitchen be like?



  1. A dishwasher is a must for my dream kitchen. Our last two rentals haven't had one and I'm tired of not being able to keep a lasting manicure. Not to mention, with a husband who has to drink out of a drink cup every time he wants something to drink the dishes can pile up fast. So, now as we look houses, I'm making sure that they all have dishwashers.


  2. bar.. pretty cabinets.. updated everything lol.. some glass cabinets. child proofed. lol. natural wood and lots of white.

    love the pix!


  3. Hi, just hopped over from Marlee's Budgeting During College blog hop page!

    My SO and I love to cook and neither of our kitchens as enough functional space for the two of us. You are at least a step ahead of us. We've already started making mental lists of what we want/need in our kitchen and we don't even have a house yet! (Hop over to my blog and you'll see some of the failed attempts this year...)

    But I agree with you, counter space is a must, and I definitely love the idea of a bar counter, though being as short as I am, I'd probably prefer a 2 step bar counter.

    Hope you can get your dream kitchen soon!
    (BTW, I'm going to start following you. I love your enthusiasm and the comfortably conversational way you write!)

  4. Those are all such great ideas!! I may have to update my wish list!! :)


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