You Know You are a Blogger If...

1. You have Ad Sense but it doesn't have anything to do with the Sunday paper.

2. When you go shopping you look at things and think, "Can I make that?"

3. You dream in html.

4. When your husband comes home from work and you show him what you did that day he asks, "Are you going to blog about that?"

5. Your idea of a great night is snuggling up on the couch with your laptop.

6. You have 2 full-time jobs and one of them is your blog.

7.  You can type the word "tutorial" with your eyes closed.

8. Your followers are 1/2" squares.

9. You go to thrift stores and garage sales looking for furniture to paint.

10. You have 2 calendars in your house. One for the family and one for your blog.

11. You wrote 3 posts today and they are all scheduled for next week!

I hope I could put a smile on your face today!

What would you add to the list?!!?



  1. I love this list. :) I also can randomly say to my husband, "____ followers now" and he knows what I mean.

  2. ha! I love the "Are you going to blog about this?" Only mine says "Please don't blog about this....seriously."

  3. You should add "When you ask your husband what you should blog about since you have nothing."

  4. I like both of those... my husband does both! :)


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