CSN Stores Review

A few weeks ago CSN Stores contacted me about doing a review for one of their products! I chose this one! {except that mine is green!} It is a set of two Le Creuset baking dishes. The large one is 10.5"x7" and comes with a bonus 7"x5" dish.

 Here is the review I posted on the CSN website:

LOVE these!!
By KdBuggie Boutique from Simi Valley, CA on 2/28/2011
These two dishes are the perfect size for my family! My son has food allergies and sometimes needs his own meal prepared. These dishes allow me to cook one large dish for the family, and his own small dish for him!

I totally love that they are microwave and dishwasher safe!! How easy is that?!?!

• • • • •

Here are two pictures of a dish that I made. It's a combination chicken pot pie and tater tot casserole! Full of delicious veggies!! The little one was perfect for my sons casserole since he needed one without soymilk and soy butter!!!

Mingle Monday 2.28.2011

Hi there! Well.. I am sooo close to 1,000 follwers I can almost taste it!! I already have 2 fantastic sponsers for my giveaway and I am looking for a couple more! Anyone who has an etsy shop and would like some PR and to celebrate with me... I would love to have you as a sponser! Just email me: kdbuggieboutique@yahoo.com.

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Enough about me! Let's read about you and all that you have been doing!!


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Mingle Monday 2.21.2011

Another week, another hop! Hope you enjoyed my crib skirt tutorial... I had fun figuring out how to do it!

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Crib Skirt Tutorial - Nursery Makeover on a Budget!

*** Update with nursery pictures!!***

Looking to do a little nursery makeover on a budget?! Why not change out your crib skirt?! I made 2 for a mommy-to-be of twins! I wish I had a good finished product picture on my sons crib to show you, but I finished sewing at about midnight that night and wasn't about to wake up my little one to take a pic... and I had to hit up the post office early the next morning to ship it out! So... instead.. you get a picture of the one I made for my sons crib!

I haven't finished decorating his room yet, so for now it is what it is... and we are still missing out baseboards (we are saving up for them -- oh the joys of home ownership!)

But, here's how I did it... and how you can make your own too!
{like I said, I made this late at night, so pics are not super great... but they are enough that you can get the idea!}
• • • • •

What you need:
• 3 yards cotton fabric (for the skirt part)
• 1-1/2 yards of light-weight white cotton fabric (for the mattress part)
• scissors
• cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter
• thread, pins
• warm iron
• sewing machine

{I've had several questions about this so... just to clear it up... the materials listed are what is needed to make 1 crib skirt! Hope that helps!!}

• • • • •

First, measure your crib to get the height of your skirt! My mattress is at the lowest setting so my height is 15".
Second, iron all your fabric!!! {otherwise your cuts will be crooked!} 

• • • • •

Fold your white fabric in half length-wise {hot dog fold}. Place the folded edge on the bottom of your cutting mat. Make sure you have a straight edge at the start and measure out 53" and cut!

Open up your cut piece and fold it the other way {hamburger style!} Lay the folded edge on the left side of your cutting mat and measure 28-1/2" and cut!

Unfold your fabric and lay it out! Luckily {in our new house} I have a great big room to lay mine out on the floor!

Grab your print fabric and cut the same way. Fold in half length-wise {hot dog!} match folded edge to bottom of cutting mat and cut at 54" {1 inch longer than white fabric}.

Fold your fabric in half {hamburger style!} and with the folded edge on the left side of your cutting mat cut at 16" {one inch larger than the height that you want your crib skirt to be}. Remove the cut piece and scoot your fabric down. Measure another 16" {or whatever your first measurement was} and cut again. Save or discard the leftover fabric. {These are your two long side panels}

Repeat steps for the side panels. Your first cut, the length {while folded like a hot dog!}, should be cut at 29-1/2" {1 inch longer than the white fabric is wide}. Since it's less then 30" wide - depending on the size of your cutting mat - you can leave the fabric unfolded while cutting at 16" for the height of your crib skirt. {These are your two small side panels}.

Finished rectangle pieces should be:
2 @ 54"x16"
2 @ 29-1/2"x16"

• • • • •

Now, you are going to create the hemmed edge of your panels. Grab one panel {doesn't matter which one because you will be doing this to all four panels}. Make sure your iron is hot {if you are using cotton fabric I recommend that you use the steam setting on your iron}. You will be hemming 3 out of the four sides of your fabric. On the large panels, hem 1 long side and 2 short sides! Fold over the raw edge of the fabric 1/4" and iron, then fold it over again another 1/4" and iron. This will give you a nice finished edge! Then sew along the inside of your hem - just under 1/4" from the edge of your fabric.

Repeat for the other two sides of your fabric that get hemmed. {Personally, I start with the side edges of my panel first, then do the bottom edge that will be on the floor. I think it gives it a cleaner look... but in the long run it doesn't really matter which you do first}
*Make sure that you only hem the 3 sides!

Repeat the same process for the side panels of your bedskirt {the smaller rectangles}. Hem 1 long side and both short sides using the same process! I found it beneficial to lay my pieces out as I sewed so I could keep track of all my pieces {mostly because I was making 2 at the same time!}
*Make sure to iron your hems when you are done sewing to keep your fabric flat and to strengthen your thread!

Now, grab one of your small panels and your white fabric. Match the right side of your panel to the right side of your white fabric {if there is a right side!} and match the edge of the small side of the white fabric to the un-hemmed edge of your panel! {Did you follow that?!?!} Pin and sew along that edge. You can choose to straight stitch as I did, or you can overcast or serge it for added strength and aesthetics!

Once your done stitching, iron seam open and do the same with the other small panel and the other small side of the white fabric.

Now, take one of your long panels. Place the right side of your print to the right side of your white fabric and match the un-hemmed edge to the edge of the white fabric. Your corners should match up just right so that the edge of your side hem on your print matches up with the already sewn panels.

Pin and sew!

Repeat for the other long panel.

Iron your hems open once you are done sewing... and you are done!

Thanks to Bethany (the recipient of these two crib skirts) for the nursery pics! You nursery looks so cute!!!! 
{Her skirt length was a custom size, so be sure to measure your length from mattress to the ground carefully to get the look you want}

Happy Valentine's Day - Free Printable Tags

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! I hope your day is filled with love, roses, chocolate and fun!!

If you are a last minute type person like I am, here are some cute printable tags for you to use on your Valentine's gifts today!!!

Click on the link [{Love Tags Printable}] to download this FREE printable. It is a .pdf of 6 - 3" round tags. Use your punch or scissors to cute them out. Punch a hole in the top and add it to your gift!

Mingle Monday 2.13.2011

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Mommy Wrappings Giveaway

Giveaway is now closed!

Recently I have made friends with Jacquelyn, owner of Mommy Wrappings on Etsy. She has just recently opened her little shop and has some simply adorable items!

• • • • •

Some of her store items include:

• • • • •

• • • • •

And this little cutie that she calls a Take Along Riding Trail.

• • • • •

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Here is her description: " Every nursing Mommy needs one!
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More than just a one-hit-wonder: Use as a sunshade in the car seat or stroller, toss over the car seat in hot weather, use as a make-shift blanket or changing pad in a pinch, and of course cover up on the go while giving your baby fresh food of the most delicious kind!

A fully adjustable strap around your neck keeps the cover where you want it and two soft chenille pockets can hold your cream, breast pads, baby’s paci, or wipe a delicious little mouth! I love this feature; I use it all the time :)

Made of lightweight, breathable 100% cotton, this cover is perfect for every season!"

This nursing cover measures a HUGE 37"x26". Nice and big to give both you and your baby some privacy!

 • • • • •

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered my HUGE giveaway! I think it may be the largest # of entries for any of my giveaways to date!

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Mingle Monday - 2.7.10

Happy Monday (or Super Bowl Sunday depending on when you are reading this!)

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Easy Stretch Dress Tutorial

Feel like a little sewing project?? Ya, I did too! I've had this cute knit fabric for a l-o-n-g time now just waiting for some time to get to it! Today,  I found that time! Yay!!

My little girl is really tall for her age. She will be 4 in March but she wears a 6 in girls!! She LOVES dresses and skirts, but the cute ones at the store are a bit pricey... so I decided to make her this cute little dress!

• • • • •

Want to make one yourself? Here's what you need:

• 1 yd stretch interlock knit fabric (mine was from the juvenille section at Joann's) {make sure you get enough for however large you need to make the dress!}
• scrap piece of coordinating fabric
• fabric scissors
• coordinating thread
• sewing machine
• iron!!!!

• • • • •


• • • • •

Fold fabric in half to a little larger than the desired width of your dress. {make sure you have the print going to right way} To make it a little easier on myself, I grabbed a dress of hers that still fits on the top, but is much too short!! I used it as a guide for the shape of my dress. I folded over the edges so it wasn't as flaired... use your own judgement on this one! I cut out one side, then removed the dress, folded my fabric in half, and cut out the other side {a great way to ensure your dress is symetrical!}

• • • • •

Then, place right sides together {if you want to save a step, cut your dress out while fabrics are already right side together!}. Then pin and sew on the designated lines!

• • • • •

I used a simple straight stitch and double stitched the armpits for extra durability!

• • • • •

Now for the bottom hem. Have your 'model' try it on so you know how long or short to hem it. Add about 1 to 1-1/2 inches to the length to allow for the hem. I folded mine over about 1/2" making sure to iron the side seams flat while ironing my hem down! Then, go around again and fold your hem over so you hide the cut end. Pin and sew!

Make sure you sew close to the top of the folded hem. I sewed one line all the way around, turned the dress right-side out and sewed another hem line close to the first. With the stretchy knit fabric, two hem lines help to keep the bottom from rolling!

• • • • •

Set aside the dress for a minute and grab your scrap fabric. {This step is completely optional. You can totally go ahead and hem the neckline the same as you did the bottom of the dress!} Cut a strip of the fabric {along the longest edge of your scrap}  about 2-1/2" wide. Then, fold it in half length-wise {hot dog fold} and iron in place.

• • • • •

Now, here's the tricky part. This is essentially the same as adding an edge to a quilt .. same process... just A LOT smaller... and curvy! I didn't pin mine because I find it too difficult on the curves. {Remember if all else fails... know that you can always just fold the edge of the neckline over and hem it!}

Match the cut edges of your folded strip of fabric, to the cut edge of the inside {wrong side of fabric} edge of the neckline. Start at the middle of the back of the dress and leave yourself about 2 inches of fabric from the end of your strip before you start to sew.

Sew all the way around the neck until you are within about an inch of where you started. Back stictch and remove the dress from your machine. Here's where it gets tricky! In the first pic you can see that I pinned the two ends of my fabric strip together. You want to make sure that the amount of fabric between the pin and the dress is long enough to cover that 1" space where you didn't sew. Then, sew a line across {perpendicular} to the fold of your fabric following where you pinned and trim the ends off. Fold your strip of fabric back in half and it should fit perfectly to finish the edge of the neck.

**Remember, you can always just hem it!

• • • • •

Then you are going to hem the sleeves. I just folded mine under about 1/3" and pinned it. I found it difficult to sew with the pins though since my sleeves were so tiny that I pulled the pins out and just folded as I sewed.

• • • • •

And then you're done!!

Little brother had to get in the shot too!