Two Quick Facebook Giveaways

Act fast and you will have a chance at TWO fantastic giveaways!!

1. Become a fan of KdBuggie Boutique on facebook here and scroll down the page until you find a picture of the sea ta dot burp cloth (remember, the one that was part of the HUGE giveaway??). Comment on that post and you are entered to win the burp cloth! Winner will be chosen tomorrow afternoon... so don't dilly-dally!

2. If you happen to be a past giveaway winner or have bought any of my products, click on the review tab while you are commenting on facebook and leave a product review. You will then be entered for a chance to win 40% off 1 KdBuggie Boutique item, or 1 KdBuggie Designs package!! You have a little time until the winner is chosen, but I'm not yet announceing when that will be... could be soon, could be in a week! Don't wait to write your review.. just in case!

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