Grocery List Printable

In an effort to be a little more organized {and as a preview to next month's theme} I have created this grocery list organizer.

Here's how I plan to use mine! I am going to laminate it {using my Xyron machine} and put it in the kitchen. Then I can add items to my list throughout the week using a dry erase marker. When I'm ready to go shopping I already know what I need! I am thinking probably I will used one of those nifty command hooks and attach this list to the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets {but I will leave pictures of that for next month!}

Or ... you can save it and print a new one each week when you do your shopping. Items are already categorized to help in the grocery store! I am all about functionality!
In the meantime, I am making this list available for download! If you choose to download my creation, please do not resale {respect my hardwork!} or share your file with others. Instead, feel free to link back to my blog and this post to share with others!

In addition, I would love to hear how you plan to use your list! Leave me a comment and let me know what your plans are!

Click here to download the full size PDF file!

Here is another colorway with an updated look. You can download the updated version here


  1. Thanks for the darling download! For me, I will probably print it out each week. Too cute! I love your Etsy Store. You have so many cute products. I too have an Etsy Store that sells fun educational materials.
    If you get a chance, come on over to my blog. I look forward to participating in your Mingle Monday Link-up.

  2. Now,this will save lots of time in the grocery store!

  3. Cute Grocery List.

    I recently created one with all of our "This is the stuff we buy all the time" already filled in so I all I have to do is write down how many we need.

    Having a list just hanging in the kitchen is so helpful! I never realized it until a few months ago.

    Stopping by from The Hickman Four and Touch of Home Learning

  4. Hello...Thank you so much for that grocerylist download!!! husband does the groceries and hates the way i throw the list together because he has to run all over the I am Thanking you in advance for him : )...Newest follower from

  5. this grocery list is so cute. very well designed. hello! i am your newest follower through the friday blog hop. i love your blog and the color choice is great. i would really appreciate it if you would stop by my blog and follow me too! thanks & have a great day!

  6. Thank you for the cute list. I am printing a couple list to put in my aunts treat bags for her church group. My aunt was an elderly WAC veteran in 1950. I have her making pot holders, and have squeezed them into my Etsy shop. And also wrote a feature article on her for Somerset Studio. You can read it if you like at
    Thanks Candace

  7. Thank you for the Grocery List! I had one like this, but my computer now doesn't have them! :/ So, I found yours on my hunt for one through! THANK YOU! Being organized when going to the grocery is a MUST or you'll be there ALL DAY, running back & forth! :) THANKS!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you so much for this downloadable grocery list. I was just wondering if it would be possible to create a list that it is also fillable, in case you want to type the list instead of handwriting the items needed. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your work is both practical and beautiful!


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