{ Preview to Next Month's Theme - Plus Something to Download }

As a sneak peek... I am giving you a heads up that April will be my organizing/decluttering/spring cleaning month on the blog!! I will be pulling inspiration from all over bloggy-land {from some of my favorite sites} as well as sharing my own tips and tricks! {I may even include some before and after pics of my own disorganized messes!!}

So, I am giving you a link to some great things to download in preparation for next month! Why am I asking you to do it now? Because these great downloads are only available this month {March}! Make sure you download them now so that you have them for next month's challenge!

• • • • •

IHeart Organizing

Visit I Heart Organizing and download the items for a household binder that you think would be most helpful to you. If you have your own blog, there is a great set of downloads for keeping track of your bloggy-world! This has become one of my all-time favorite sites! Jen has great ideas and is super creative when it comes to way to organize things! She has created several printables that you can download to help you stay more organized. She also sells printables in her etsy shop I Heart Organizing. She will customize these charts for your specific family needs! How wonderful is that!?!

So, download these files, save them in a folder, and next month we will learn what to do with them!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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