{ Little Hatchlings }

Today is brief window into another wonderful sponsor for the upcoming giveaway!! Introducing... Little Hatchlings!

First off, let me just say... when you click on the link to visit this store... make sure your computer speakers are on. I am just listening to this peaceful music while I type this post! You'll see what I mean when you visit! 

Here is a little about Little Hatchlings: { from their Etsy profile }

"Ever since I was a little girl, I have been in love with arts and crafts. I love spending hours in the craft store and when I leave, it feels as if no time has passed. I love the fact that you can lose yourself in your own creativity. I love the squeals of delight when my daughter sees the creations that I have made.

I have two amazing little girls. It is from these two kiddos that my creations come to life. My 6 year old is imaginative beyond belief. My 1 year old baby is very inquisitive and is still discovering her new world. "

Working with Little Hatchlings has been an absolute pleasure! Their talent and creativity is amazing! Want to see what I mean???

Not only is this headband absolutely gorgeous, but the model makes me want to have another little girl so I can buy all these cute things to dress her up in!!

Little Hatchlings has the most darling headbands {both elastic and rigid}. They are always up for custom orders too, so if there is something in particular you are looking for, just ask!

Little Hatchlings is truly talented!!

• • • • •

Want to see more of their work? Check them out herehere, or here.

Can't wait to share with you what they have donated for the giveaway!! How was I so lucky to have such wonderful sponsers!?! {Maybe it's just the music from Little Hatchlings website but I think I am in a sentimental mood!}

Stay tuned for tomorrow's super sponsor introduction!!!

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