Burlap Christmas Tree Tutorial

I created a super easy tutorial on how to make one of the cute burlap Christmas tree decorations that you see all over the blogosphere this time of year. When I say easy.... I mean... like way, super, easy-peasy!! 

Here is what you need: 
• a craft cone (from a local craft store)
• a stack of burlap paper 6" square (mine is from Joann's)
• hot glue gun and glue
• scissors

That's it! You don't even have to have much in the way of crafting skills to make this one! 

This burlap paper is fairly new (at least in my neck of the woods) but it's totally awesome!! It is burlap on one side and paper coated on the back. This means that you can cut the burlap into whatever shape you want and it won't fray!!! 

I made this banner for the dessert table at a church Christmas party. See how you can cut through the burlap paper!??! I even used a hole punch to string my twine!! 

Okay... enough drooling over this cool paper... start by tearing out a few pages of your burlap paper. 

Then cut those into strips. Mine are 1-3/4" wide and I cut them across the width of the paper so I didn't have a piece with the hole in it. ☺

Now that your strips are cut, you are going to "fringe" it. Use your scissors and cut 3/4 of the way through the width of your strip. I made 4 cuts in my first couple of strips. 

Now you are going to create the base for your tree. Using your hot glue gun, glue sections of the paper onto the cone about 1 inch at a time. Be sure to put the glue near the bottom of the cone because you ONLY want to GLUE THE BOTTOM of the paper (with the fringed edge on the TOP) to the cone. 

Once you have glued the bottom of the paper to the cone, go back and glue the fringed top down. You will need to slightly overlap the fringed pieces so that your paper lays relatively flat. Repeat with another strip of paper until the bottom of your cone is covered. You will need to trim off any excess paper but be sure to overlap just a tiny bit when you add a new strip so there is no gap in your paper for you to see the cone. 

Once the bottom of your cone is covered you can being to build your tree! Using a new strip of fringed paper, glue the TOP onto your cone. Your new paper should overlap the bottom layer about half way. Only glue the top part of your paper so that your fringed pieces can move. As you glue you will need to stretch or compress the paper so you can "mold" it to the rounded shape of the cone. This lifts the fringe pieces slightly as you glue. 

When you add the next strip be sure to overlap slightly so that your fringed pieces keep a consistent look.

Do the same thing for the next 2 rows. As your cone gets narrower, you will find that it is easier to work with smaller pieces of paper. They are less likely to bunch up as you glue. On my fourth row, I cut my strip in half so that I had smaller pieces to work with. 

When you get to the end of a strip and there is still some space left, cut a piece to fit and glue it down. Trust me... it's gonna happen more than once.... but you can't really screw this one up. If the space is too big for just one piece.. then use two! 

The higher up on the cone you go, the smaller the piece you want to use. When I got to my 5th row, I cut smaller fringe pieces. I cut them in half, and then fringed each half into quarters instead of thirds. I even used pieces that only had two fringe pieces on them. 

Closer to the top, I made my strips skinnier. So instead of being 1-3/4" wide, they were 1 inch wide. The last row on my tree I simple glued single fringe pieces. The cut a very small triangle piece to cover the point of the tree that the fringe didn't cover. 

When you are done, your tree will look like the left side of this cone. To curl the pages gently fold the bottom of the fringe piece. You don't want to crease it... just bend it a little so that it flares out. 

When you are done you should probably pull off the glue gun strings.... I obviously haven't done that yet... but I'm trying to get this up during nap time... and didn't have any time to spare! {you mom's know how that goes...}

Ta-da! You just made a very expensive looking burlap Christmas tree! Now, go and impress your friends with your mad glue gun skills! 

Playroom Organization Inspiration


     I'm pretty sure my playroom is in a constant state of some sort of chaos. Whether it's that the toy bins have "mysteriously" emptied themselves on to the floor (kind of like in Mary Poppins, but in reverse)... or it's dress up clothes strewn about, or the construction paper and scotch tape project that didn't get cleaned up. Whatever the mess is... it's always there. 

     One of my MAJOR goals with the new year is to do a complete overhaul of our toys, kid craft supplies, educational supplies, books, and dress up clothes. With any good organizing project, the first step is to sort through everything and throw away or donate items that just don't work for you anymore. In this case it's maybe thinning down the bazillion hot wheels cars. Donating duplicate toys that my kids were gifted. Getting rid of the crafting supplies that are dried out or scrap pieces of paper. Packing up dress up clothes that are too small for the younger kids to grow into. Etc. 

     But here's the thing... once I get to that step, I find it hard to figure out the best way to organize what is left. I have a very tricky layout to our playroom which doesn't leave a lot of room for storage... so I have to get creative. I have put together this inspiration post in the hopes that I can really use some of these ideas next year to get things in order! Hopefully something will help to inspire you too! 


     Seriously... my arch nemesis! I really have a love hate relationship when it comes to the toys in my house. Toys help to foster creativity and imagination in my kids and that part I absolutely adore. With so much technology available at our fingertips I think a growing imagination is a dying art for the younger generation. That being said, I try to provide toys for my kids that will allow them a chance to be kids! To make up story lines, to create their own games, and to just have fun!

     Let's be real... I try to encourage the kids to keep their toys in the playroom, but they always end up in our shoe bins, under the dining table, in their bedrooms, the laundry basket, and even sometimes in the refrigerator (a sign that a "trade" was made).

Here are a couple solutions I found that I think will work for me in my limited space... 

{source unknown}

I love this entire space... but it won't all work for me. What I LOVE are these bookcase room dividers. The playroom and my office/crafting space share one BIG room. I love that these provide storage for toys/games as well as divide the room into designated spaces. 

This awesome idea comes from Make It and Love It. Ashley shares an easy tutorial on how to make these cute toy storage bags. These would be perfect for corralling all of our stray blocks (legos). We have a mixture of two different sets that don't all fit in the one bag we have for them. I can create my own large storage bag that will hold them all. PLUS, the kids will love that they can see the blocks through the bag and I can jazz it up with whatever fun fabric I want to go with my room's decor! 

This awesome set up comes from Land of Nod. The storage table is awesome for storing either art supplies -- if you have bigger kids -- or for stuffed animals or baby toys for the little ones. I LOVE the bookshelf storage behind the table too. The baskets keep smaller toys looking neat and tidy. 

Here is another view of that awesome bookshelf! Just because we all love some organizing eye candy... right!?! 


     My big kids love to read... my little one loves to eat books. Yup... she chews on the spine, rips pages and tries to munch on the paper... it's a lot of fun to try and chase her down while shes gnawing on a book page. (Oh the joys of parenthood... ) We have TONS of books... like ... so many books we could start our own children's library! Okay, not really... but we are close, I swear! The kids get books for birthdays and holidays, I collected children's books from scholastic book orders when I used to teach, my parents and grandparents have given us books that I used to read when I was a kid... and so on! I have the most special ones packed up in a box in the garage until my kids are all old enough to take care of them -- especially the book eater!!

     I routinely go through our bookshelves and toss books that are missing pages. I also donate good condition books that my kids don't read that much. Like any kids they have their go-to books that they would read all day long! But... how to store them... well, here's what I have found...

This mommy used a plastic basket from Ikea to store all of her kids coloring books. This would totally work for school workbooks as well. What an awesome idea! Now they are within reach and view! Ours are stored in drawers and very rarely make an appearance. Not because the kids don't like to color, but because they forget they exist! When items are displayed they are more likely to be played with and used. 

I know you have seen these on Pinterest and blogs all over. They are a popular idea for books. The great thing about wall storage like this (whether it's made of rain gutters, pallets, spice racks, etc.} is that the storage not only looks great, but it can take up odd wall space that you may not otherwise be able to use. I have a weird wall that is only 30" wide. It is too small to put any substantial storage there. I can't use it for a bookshelf because there is a light switch in the way. BUT, this would absolutely work in the space. I would still have access to the light. Plus, it would create a small reading area for some cushions to lounge on. LOVE IT! 

Kate from Censational Girl shows how fun a bookshelf can be! If you have to space for tall wall storage, a set of bookshelves is definitely the way to go. You have the freedom to arrange your books however you want to make them accessible (or not) to your kids. You can also use it as additional storage for toys and other supplies. I love the little table and chairs too. It creates a fun little work or reading station right next to the books! 


    Every child is a budding Picasso. Whether it is artwork from school or preschool, or their homemade art projects, kids love to create! But more than loving to create is the joy they have in sharing their artwork. Placing their work on the wall or on display gives it value. It is a great self esteem building tool for children. There are some really great ideas out there on how to do this. Here are just a couple ...

I'm pretty sure this picture comes from a family that fixed up their playroom. To display their child's artwork they strung a simple wire curtain rod on the wall and used clips to attach the art. This is an especially great idea when you have lots of wall space... because there will be lots of artwork to display!!  

{source unknown}

Another great way to display artwork is to frame it.  You can slip the artwork into frames (if it's too big for the frame scan it and print it smaller). You can fill a picture frame with cork board and pin artwork to it so that it can be changed out more easily. You could put up a HUGE frame and string a couple wires across and use clips to hold up the art. This way you can hang several rows of artwork all together in one big frame. So many options!!! 


     I am talking here about the little things that help to just add an extra touch to your playroom... or any room for that matter. The seating, the rug, the tv (because you know you have one in your playroom too!), any photos or decorations on the walls, etc..

A nice rug not only helps to "ground" the room, but it can be a place for your kiddos to sit, to play, and to learn. Especially a fun rug like this one! You can use it to play alphabet games, to go on a letter hunt, or to practice spelling words! Wouldn't that make learning a little more fun. 

This mama from Oven Lovin' shares an awesome tutorial on how to make your own large floor pillows. For someone like me who lacks wall space to put real seating in my playroom, these are a great alternative. They can be stored in a corner (maybe under my vertical bookshelves) and when ready to be used can be taken anywhere! They don't have to be limited to the playroom either. Wouldn't these be fun for a movie night!? 

This playroom from Adella and Co. is totally drool worthy!! Seriously. 
That being said... this cute wall art is a great addition to any playroom. It is colorful, educational, and fun. 

Wall art isn't limited to just photos, alphabets, and your child's artwork. What about using a large map? I love this idea that comes again from Kate at Centsational Girl. She used a large map of the world with some moulding to frame it. Giving it a built-in kind of look rather than that of a piece of framed art. 

     I hope that something in this post will work for you and your playroom space... however big or small it may be. Once the new year starts and my "operation playroom" begins I will be posting about the makeover. Until then I will continue to pin ideas and more inspiration so be sure to follow on Pinterest so you can be inspired too! 


Just a quick post to let ya'll know that I will closing the shop at the end of this month. Now is the time to get some cute chevron fabric for next years projects or to snag up a minky blanket for your little one! 

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Cyber Monday Sale

I hope everyone survived Black Friday and scored some awesome deals!!! I wasn't able to go out shopping because this pregnant mama with a sensitive stomach came down with a nasty case of food poisoning from Thanksgiving. No Fun!!! I'm feeling a little more human today and since I am finally out of bed I figured why not have an awesome Cyber Monday Sale!!! 

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Sad news... but a long time coming...

Most of us are moms, some of us are moms who work, some of us work from home. For those of you who fall into the latter group, you know that demands on you to be mom, wife, and employee can be so hard. It brings me to breaking points at least once a month where I feel inadequate in all areas of my life -- and as we all know, when mom is feeling "down" it affects everyone! 

Since the birth of my little girl (nearly 16 months ago... my how time flies) and even before that really, I have been questioning whether owning my business was the right thing to do. I have spent countless hours making pro and con lists in my head, and even some on paper, and debating whether or not to continue with it all. 

I LOVE my customers. 
I LOVE being able to create custom items for you and your little one(s). 
I especially LOVE looking through fabric catalogs and deciding which prints to order -- because let's face it... I am a fabric loving woman!!! LOL

But most importantly... I LOVE my family and I LOVE being a mom! My kids and my family need me more than we need the money that my business generates. 

So as much as I hate to say so... I have made the very difficult  decision {like... you have NO IDEA how difficult} to end my business. *sigh* I have so thoroughly enjoyed the ability to design new products, test new products, and share new products with all of you!! I really appreciate all of the support over the years as well as the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful people from around the world! 

I will officially be "closing the doors" on December 31, 2013.

•   •   •   •   •

So, what does this all mean?!? 

First off, it means awesome deals for you guys! Currently you can save 10% on everything in the shop by using coupon code BABYBABY. This coupon is good through the end of November so take advantage of the deals!! I will also likely have a shop closing sale sometime in December to try and move out the remaining inventory.

Second, I will not be ordering any more fabric for the shop. So, once what is in stock is sold out... it is gone. If there is anything that you have been thinking about getting, now is the time! 

Third, once the shop is closed it will free me up for more time with my family... and working on all those unfinished projects that have been piling up! Which in turn will mean more tutorials on the blog. Yay!!! I know my blog has been suffering a little lately, so it will be nice to get back to it! I'm hoping to be able to get a couple Christmas projects posted in the next little while.

Lastly, I will NOT stop doing what I love. I will still be sewing. I will still work with my long-time returning customers for requests now and then. Time permitting I may even take some custom orders. I will definitely be adding more Nursery Series tutorials as we get ready for baby #4. I already have a couple things in mind ... now it's just a waiting game to find out if this one is a boy or girl. Once we find out in a couple weeks I can begin sewing!! 

So, for now it's business as usual.... with an awesome coupon code. I will be accepting custom orders as I can through mid-December. Again, thank you for all of your support. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for special deals through the end of the year. I will post exclusive codes just for followers... and don't forget to come back and check the blog now and again for new posts and tutorials. 

Thanks guys!!

8 Thanksgiving Ideas, Projects, and Decorations

Once Halloween is over all retail stores seem to shift into Christmas mode. This year I noticed Christmas decorations and lights up before Halloween. Thanksgiving seems to get lost almost entirely. {Except on Facebook where people share their month long posts about what they are thankful for}

So, to help us remember Thanksgiving I have put together a fun list of DIY projects, decor ideas, and activities to help us remember the almost forgotten holiday.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •

A great activity for preschoolers or as table decorations for the big meal.

Make a Thankful Tree - A Kid's Thanksgiving Craft - The DIY Mommy
An awesome way to display the things you are thankful for. Have the kids write their own. Use it for a family home evening activity.

I LOVE House of Smiths. This set up uses un-traditional Thanksgiving colors but is so festive!

A fun project to use up some of those scrap pieces of wood left over from other DIY projects.

An inexpensive way to dress up the inside or outside of your home. Keep it simple or make it fancy. 

TomKat Studios shares some gorgeous printables for decorating your home and table for your Thanksgiving meal. 

A fun way for kids to see all of the wonderful things they have been blessed with. They can create their own then share it with the family on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving garland by The High Heeled Mama
Have each family member write something they are thankful for on a leaf. Or, have a bunch of blank ones and let friends and family who stop by during the month of November fill in a leaf with something they are thankful for. 

I hope these ideas help you and your family to remember to be thankful this time of year. Sometimes we all need a chance to just focus on the positive and count our many blessings. Then those hard times and tough things don't seem quite so bad. 

big, Big, BIG NEWS!!!

Now that my craft fair/boutique is over.... and I've started unpacking ... it's time to re-open the shop! YAY!!! 

AND.... as if that wasn't exciting enough ....

This makes baby #4 for us!!

I have been sicker than sick {to be expected} and now that I am starting to feel a little more human again the shop has reopened and I think it's time to CELEBRATE!!!

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Over the next few days I will be adding the finished baby blankets, burp cloths and hair accessories {as soon as I get them photographed} and you can absolutely use the discount on them too! So if you are expecting, or you know someone who is grab your goodies before they are gone!! Please pass the celebration along to your bloggers or facebook buddies too! 


All cotton fabrics sold by the yard in the shop are now 10% off!!! Why?!!? Just because!!! I have wonderful customers and I LOVE to treat you guys to a little extra something now and then... and now just seemed like a fun time to do it!

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I will NOT be reordering any fabric... so once I am sold out... I'm out! {More to come on the why of that later... } So, now is the time to stock up for your own shop or to build up your own stash!

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cake

This is the absolute easiest recipe you will ever make! I promise!!!

I took these picture with my phone so you'll have to excuse the poor quality... but the cake didn't stick around long enough for me to take a picture the next morning with my REAL camera... darn! Guess that means I will just have to make it again... shucks!

Here's all you need:
1 spice cake mix
1 16oz can of pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)

Put both ingredients in a bowl, stir it together. Grease and flour your cake pan (or use that nifty flour and cooking spray in one). Use a spoon or spatula to spread your batter in your pan. It is thick and won't just pour. You will want to make it as even as you can on the top because it will cook in whatever shape you leave it in the pan (if you dollop it in then your finished cake will have dollops).

Use the baking directions on the cake box. Check to see if it is baked thoroughly by inserting a toothpick into the center of the cake. If it comes out clean it's done!

Let your cake cool in the pan (especially if using a bundt pan) before serving.

It is great as is... but if you are like me and want a little sugar with all that spice you can create a simple glaze. I mixed powdered sugar and water together until is was a good drizzling consistency and drizzled the top of my cake once I took it out of the pan. YUMMY!!

It would also be delicious with a cream cheese frosting! We have a dairy allergy in our home so that was a no-go for us {sad face}.

Wouldn't this be awesome as an alternative to pumpkin pie!?!? It tastes exactly the same... but is dairy and egg-free!!!! (Just be sure to check the box cake mix to make sure it is allergen free)

NEW Free Menu and Weekly Shopping List

Just wanted write up a quick little post to check in ... and let you know I haven't dropped off the planet... yet. Ha!

As with anything... my menu and shopping lists needed some reorganizing and reworking. For one thing, I had to fill out two different papers. Yuck! Seriously, if something a lot of effort, fah-get-a-bout-it. The layout of my shopping list just wasn't working for me anymore either. I found that we bought w-aaaaaa-y more produce than anything else at the store and there just wasn't enough room on my shopping list for it. I combined things like the "bread" and "snacks" categories into one that is now simple called "dry foods" -- One category that pretty much sums it all up.

So, here's what I have come up with:

This new designs puts them both (the menu and the shopping list) together in one easy place. I usually put a star next to the things on my shopping list that I have coupons for so I can refer to my coupons as I shop. Makes things a little easier when I have 3 kids in tow.

Download yours for FREE here. Just be sure to become a follower on my blog!


Girls Room Inspiration Board

I, like most of you reading this, have a need to make my home beautiful. For me that means a lot of things. It means trying to keep it clean and organized {which in a house with 3 little kids seems like a near impossible thing to do}. It means decorating for holidays. It means making my home a place where everyone want so come and CAN come and feel welcome. It means taking on home improvement projects. It means changing things up from time to time.

Next up on my hit list of home improvement projects is redoing my girls' room. My daughters are 6 and just about 1 year old. That means creating a space that is both cute and girly, but also functional for the two of them. It's kind of a daunting thing and I've been putting it off, but I'm getting kind of tired of looking at their blah beige room. It doesn't match their personalities at all!

I've been collecting different things that I like on Pinterest, but it's time to really sit down and narrow it down so that I can have a plan of attack! So here's what I have come up with:

1. I am going to beg and plead my hubby -- and if that doesn't work offer to bake him some of his favorite cookies -- to make my big girl this cute bed by Anna-White. Her plans are super simple and it's so much more fun to build your own furniture. Once built it will be painted white.

2. This is our existing crib. We bought it at Babies R Us about a year ago. {Technically my parents gave it to us as a baby gift for our newest addition}

3. We currently have a dresser similar to this in the girls room, but it is stained oak instead of white. I have a changing pad on the top and use it as a changing station. The drawers hold most of the clothes for my two girls. My big girl hangs her shirts and dresses in the closet and the baby's dresses and jackets are hung in the closet also. I plan to update our dresser and paint it white and add some new knobs to the drawers... just not sure yet which ones.

4. For the first time EVER I am going to add a double curtain rod to the huge window that takes up more than half of one wall. Ya... it's nice to have the light, but figuring out where to place a bed, a crib, and a dresser was hard. These sheer drapes (from Ikea) will be in the back. (see #7 for the front panel) We don't have blinds on our window because they would be so wide they would need to be custom ordered. So, the sheer curtains will add privacy but allow some filtered light in the room during the day.

5. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest and I totally want to copy it to make one of these ballerina bow holders for my girls. Right now their hair pretties are in some boxes on a shelf in the bathroom. They are so cute though... why not make them part of the decor!?

6. Another Pinterest idea... I Heart Organizing used this Expedit shelf in her kids room closet. It divides the closet in half allowing each child their own space, plus using fabric bins or baskets you have extra storage space in the middle for socks, underwear, and other small things. More storage space is definitely needed in this room!

7. This cute print, I'm sorry to say, is no longer available from fabric.com but I bought enough yardage for drapes a while ago and I've been holding on to it. It is by Premier Prints -- part of their Bella collection. So, the super light pink dandelions on the white background are going to become the new front panel drapes for the huge window. Making your own curtains is super easy... watch for a tutorial on it!

8. I bought this lamp when my baby was just a newborn. She was having trouble spitting up at night and I wanted to be able to roll over and take a peek at her in the pack 'n play in the middle of the night to make sure she was okay. I bought this little lamp at Target with the intentions to move it to the girls room once she moved to her crib. It is in there now and my older daughter loves to use it to read at night before going to sleep.

9. This is my overall color scheme idea. Lots of really light pale pink with accents in a light ash blue, raspberry, and sage. I plan to create a custom quilt for my 6 year old with matching pillows and throw pillows. I have been collecting images on my phone as I go to Target and Home Goods of idea for pillows and quilts.

So, that's how it stands for now. I have been working these last 2 weeks to clear out the unnecessary "stuff" that seems to accumulate so that we are back to just the basics. Once the summer is over and we do some school shopping there will be a lot of clothes getting the boot. I think my 6 year old went through a growth spurt in about a week! All of the sudden her clothes are a little snug.

Stay tuned for an update! I am trying to figure out what to do with the walls. Right now they are an almond color. I'm thinking of cream stripes, or maybe painting them a very light ash brown color so that I can really add pops of color in the bedding and on the walls.

Does anyone out there have a big girl and a little girl sharing a room!? What do you find works well for you? I'd love some advice!!

Nesting Series: Baby Bibs {Pattern Included}

There is nothing cuter than a baby.... except maybe a messy one!

Okay... so not all messy babies are cute... but I certainly think MINE is! Back when my son (who is now 4.5 years old) was just an infant I realized that the store bought terry cloth bibs just weren't cutting it any more. They were great when he was little and couldn't put up much of a fuss. BUT, once he was old enough to realize that he could take the bib off by pulling on it {because it was velcro} I could keep one on him. That's when I developed the bib pattern that I have been using for the last 2-3 years. It really hasn't changed much at all. I use metal snaps on my bibs so that older kids -- who still need a bib -- can't pull it off.

I used to make a bunch of them and sell that at wholesale prices to a couple of distributors, but with my new little one I just don't have the time I once did to sit and sew as much as I would like... which makes me sad, but I LOVE spending time with my kids!

So, now that I only make them for craft shows, boutiques, for my own kids, and occasionally for my Etsy shop, I figured I would share my pattern with you guys! The only thing I ask is that you respect my time and willingness to share this with you and only use it for personal projects. If you are interested in using my pattern in your Etsy shop or to sell your products just shoot me an email {kdbuggieboutique@yahoo.com} for permission. Thanks!!!

Be sure to wash and dry your fabric before you start cutting or sewing. If you forget it won't be the end of the world, it just might shrink a little.

MATERIALS: So, what materials should you use for your bib. Personally I like to use a cotton print and a cotton chenille. However, chenille can be hard to come by and can be a little pricey... so any terry cloth or flannel would work just fine. I know some people use fleece or minky for their bibs also. In my opinion the minky and fleece are kind of tough for bibs because they don't absorb well. If you choose to use one of those for the back of you bib I suggest using a flannel or terry cloth layer (adding an extra third layer to your bib) on the inside so that there is a little extra fabric to collect those messes that we all know kids can make.

As far as the snaps verses velcro debate ... you have already read why I use snaps. That doesn't mean you can't use velcro because you absolutely can! If you have a little one who has no desire to take their bib off then by all means stick with the velcro (no pun intended, lol) because it is easier to work with.

You will need:
• 1/2 yard of your front and back materials (enough for 4 bibs)
• metal snaps or velcro
• a sewing machine, thread, scissors or pinking shears, and an iron
• a pen or chalk marker
• the bib pattern (found at the bottom of the post)

Print out the pattern. It comes as a PDF file with two pages. Simply cut out the pattern and tape the two piece together. The pattern comes in two sizes as well, a long toddler size and a smaller infant size.

Cut out a rectangle piece from your two fabrics that is 17"x10". Then on one of your fabrics, trace your pattern on the WRONG side -- the one without the print on it {aka not the pretty side}. You will want to find the approximate center of your fabric. You can do this really easy by folding it in half along the width (hot dog style) and pressing it with your finger. Line up the center of the bib -- where it says "place on fold" -- with the crease in your fabric. Then using either a chalk marker or a regular pen trace around the outside of your pattern. Flip your pattern over, line up the the center again and trace around the outside of your pattern.

This is where my bib pattern differs from a lot of others. Instead of painstakingly cutting out the top piece for my bib and then tracing and cutting out the bottom piece... and hoping that they line up okay, I opt for a much easier method... DO NOT CUT IT OUT! Yep, that's it. Just don't cut it out. Take this piece with your traced bib on it, place it on top of your bottom bib fabric {right sides together} and pin them together.

No need to retrace your pattern. Be sure when you pin to mark a starting a stopping place. You need to leave about a 2 inch opening when you sew to be able to turn the bib right side out. I always leave the opening on a straight edge where possible because it makes it a lot easier to close it up after turning the fabric.

Take your fabric over to your sewing machine. If you have a 1/4" sewing foot great! If not, you will want to have a 1/4" inseam. With a 1/4" foot simply line up the edge of your foot with the traced line and follow it all the way around being sure to include the hole for the neck. By sewing on either side of the line you drew for the neck strap and hole you will create the two neck straps.

Now is the time to cut! Using pinking shears trim your sewn bib close to the traced line you drew. If you don't have pinking shears {the scissors that cut the zigzag lines} you can use regular scissors. Just be sure to clip the fabric around the curved edges so that it will lay flat after flipping it right side out.

After trimming off the fabric turn your bib right side out. You may need to use something to help get the corners of the neck straps completely turned. My go to tool is actually a crochet hook. It is small and it's not sharp so for me it is the perfect turning tool. Once your bib is all turned take it to your iron and press it out nice and flat. Good ironing is the key to a crisp look. Fold the fabric from the opening under so that it is inside the bib. Line up your two fabrics and pin them in place. This is also a good time to attach one of your tags.

All that is left is to top stitch your bib. I use an 1/8" seam allowance and sew around the entire edge of the bib. It closes the hole that you had from turning your bib right side out and keeps my tag in place. I then sometimes go back and sew another top stitch that is about 1/2" from the fabric edge. It is decorative and helps to reinforce the edges of the bib. After sewing take your bib back to your iron to set your stitching.

You can now add either metal or plastic snaps, or velcro to your straps and it is ready for use!

{I used the longer toddler sized bib for hers}

•   •   •   •   •

*** The actual pattern piece that I use to create my bibs is in between the toddler and infant size. I traced mine onto a file folder, lining up the "place fold here" edge with the folded edge on the folder. Then I cut out the bib shape including the neck hole. Now I can trace the entire bib pattern onto my fabric without lining it up in the center and flipping it over to trace the other half.