Simply Sweet

Want to make your baby gift even sweeter? Starting now, all receiving blankets will be packaged as cute little candy rolls. Each set comes with a jumbo tag and cute tag embellishment for you to write your personalized message to Mommy!

What mom doesn't need a recieving blanket! These ones are completely homemade... and measure a whopping 40" square (10" longer and wider than store bought receiving blankets!)

What could get sweeter than that? How about a set of burpy or bib cupcakes?? Available is sets of 4 or singles (some sets of 3 available) these cute treats are sure to wow at any shower you go to! Each cupcake is wrapped in paper or ribbon and set in a cupcake liner, placed in the cupcake box, and tied and tagged! The large tag lets your write your own special message for the new mom!

I am working to get all my pictures and pricing updated on Etsy. In the meantime, make sure that you are a Facebook Fan... you never know when there will be a special exclusively for FB-ers!

Dry Erase Chore Chart

How great is this? Kierste from Brown Paper Packages shares how to make this ingenious chore chart here. The best part is, you can use a dry erase marker to cross completed chores off the list. Then just wipe it clean and start over the next week!

I am totally making my family one of these... maybe I won't be the only one making beds, cleaning up toys, and washing dishes anymore!!

Super Great Deal at Target!

After dropping my daughter off at preschool, my son and I headed out to Target to do some shopping! Every time I go to Target I always check out the clearance kids clothes. Sometimes they have some SUPER deals. Such as this one... how cute are these two skirts!!?!?? Since my daughter has a daily refusal to wear shorts and insists on skirts or dresses, I couldn't pass up this deal!!

...and yes.... they were each on sale for a whopping $2.48!!! So, I bought them both of course!
Happy bargain hunting!!

Easy Elastic Band Skirt Tutorial

My daughter LOVES to wear dresses and skirts. She is a princess through and through! I have decided to start making her some clothes. This is one of my first sewing tutorials. While putting together the pictures and instructions for this tutorial I realized two BIG things:

1. I need a better camera. My little point and shoot is great for convenience, but when it comes to taking nice indoor pictures, it just can't really perfrom {so, sorry for the not-so-great pictures}.

2. I desperately need a new ironing board cover! I think that might be one of my next sewing tutorial projects! It has been well used and is well loved, but it's about time to say good-bye!

Wanna make one of these for yourself or your daughter?
Here's how I did it:

I found a cute remnant at my local Joann's and bought a piece of 3 inch wide black knit elastic to use as a waistband for this skirt. Start by taking measurements:

-Measure all the way around your waist {or your daughters}
(Cut elastic 1" larger than your waist measurement)

-Measure from your waist to your desired skirt length (my fabric was 44" wide -- a little more than double my daughter's waist. If you are making this for yourself, make sure that your fabric length is at least 2x your waist measurement)

Trim your fabric to your desired length of skirt. My elastic strip was 3 inches wide, so I subtracted 2 inches from my desired final measurement for seam allowances.

To cut long pieces of fabric... I have a trick. I lay my fabric out on the floor and figure out what 1/2 of my desired length is.

Then, I fold my fabric up to 1/2 the length. Then I cut the fabric just above the edge that was folded up. When unfolded, the piece you cut will equal your desired length.
 {If you happen to be lucky enough to have the table space and rotary cutting mat long enough to cut it that way, then by all means, go ahead and use it!}

 Take your cut piece to your ironing board, and fold one of the long edges over about 1/2" and iron flat. Then, fold it again {another 1/2"} so that the raw edge of your fabric is concealed. Then take it to your sewing machine and finish the hem by sewing a straight line along your top fold about 1/8" from the top of the fold.
I used my serger to create a more finished edge on the top of my fabric {the un-hemmed edge} but if you don't have a serger, don't worry about this step!

Next, sew a basting stitch along the top edge {not the hemmed edge}. Set your machine settings for the largest stitch width and sew a straight line about 1/4" from the raw edge of your fabric.

Grab the bottom thread and gently gather your fabric. I laid my elastic band out on the floor so I had an idea how much gathering I needed to do to get my fabric the same length as my elastic!

Then pin your fabric to the elastic. I used lots of pins to make sure that my fabric stayed put while I sewed! Since I was going to be sewing the sides of the skirt together, I matched the edges of my fabric with the edges of my elastic.

Sew slowly on your machine making sure to catch all the gathers that you have created. I chose to add a colored thread to my bobbin so that the top side of the elastic {the one visible while wearing} would have colored thread on it. You can choose to match your thread with the color elastic that you choose to conceal your stitching.

Next, match up the two sides {right sides together} taking care to match the bottom hem and the elastic waistband -- you don't want an uneven skirt! If you find that they don't quite match up, add a small gather just under the elastic to make things even! {No one will ever know since it's on the back!}

Once again, I serged the seam joining both sides of the skirt. If you don't have a serger, you can just do a zigzag stitch and reinforce it with a straight stitch on the inside edge of your zigzag stitches.

Then it's ready to wear!

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Amie has this great blog showcasing crafts, recipes and much more! She is a wife, a teacher, a crafter, and home maker who loves to craft! She has some really cute Halloween and Fall craft posts up. Be sure to stop by and check out her cute blog!

Milk and Cookeez Giveaway!!

Milk and Cookeez is a really cute bath and body shop that makes all of their products sound -- and look -- delicious!!! Here is just a small sample of some of the "yummy" products that they offer!

Rainbow Lollipop Soaps

Cupcake Soaps

Sea Salt and Caramel Apple Soap

Rock Candy Soap - perfect for Halloween!

All of their soaps are made from natural ingredients -- so you know it is good for you! They are also a cute way to say thank you to a friend, send a gift to a teacher for the holidays, or just to decorate your bathroom!

They are so cute that your kids will love using them too -- a great way to encourage children to wash hands more often to stay healthy!

I contacted Milk and Cookeez and they were gracious enough to send me one of these yummy goodies to review!

Here is the description they have on their website for this heavenly soap:

"100% Natural Pumpkin Custard Soapopz will remind you of traditional Pumpkin Treats, even after you've eaten your fill!
Made with real pumpkin, spices, and essential fragrance oils-you won't want to pass up this Fall Favorite!

I loved this soap. I am a big pumpkin pie eater when it comes to holidays, and this totally smelled like a fresh pumpkin pie! It was amazing! It is a gentle soap, made from natural products, and left my skin with a slight pumpkin pie scent.. which, of course, I didn't mind!

But... there's more!!! Milk and Cookeez has offered one of these "delicious" Pumpkin Custard Soapopz to one lucky reader! Wouldn't this soapsicle look great in your bathroom this fall!!??!?

So, here's how to enter:

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This review is strictly my own opinion. I was not compensated in any way for writing this.

** Although Milk and Cookeez products are all natural... and even though they look delicious.... please don't eat them!

Mingle Monday

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New giveaway from Milk and Cookeez... if you haven't heard of them you'll definitely want to check this one out!!
Sewing tutorial for this cute skirt!!! Took me literally 45 minutes to make -- and used a remnant from my local sewing store... can't get easier than this!!

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Our spotlight blog this week is: Shopper Gal - Simplify Your Life

Shopper Gal has lots of great tips and tricks to making the most of your shopping experience... and to be honest... who doesn't like shopping!!?? Be sure to stop by and check out her cute blog!!!

Check It Out...

Made this gift set for a friend to give to a mom who is having her first boy. What do you think?

All made using Michael Miller's Zoology Lagoon and Play Dot Lagoon.

My Little Man...

My little man took total advantage of his big sister being at preschool today. I am thinking I can save this picture and show it to his future girlfriends!!

**If you look close enough, you can see that he has even buckled himself in!
I am also participating in a new blog hop today that inspired me to share this funny picture. It is called Bee Funny Friday Follow and it's hosted by Crazy About My Baybah

You can link up on her site!

New Sponser

I am pleased to announce one of my FREE Sponser winners!! Malanda from Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums won 3 free sponser months! So here is an introduction to her and her cute blog!! [BTW - love the name of her blog!]

Malanda says: "My blog Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums focuses mainly on my dear sweet son, Monkey. He is almost 17 months old ( geez time flies when you have a child!) and he is the center of my world. He is your typical boy. He loves to climb, play with cars, and play outside. He also is very attached to his mama, well what boy isn't?!

I am a 21 year old part time single mama. I say that because my fiancé is gone for work in the Great Lakes for 28 days and only off and home for 14 days all year long! It was very rough at first, but now Monkey and I are getting into the swing of things. But we'll always miss Dada.

My blog also talks about the more Attachment Parenting sides of things. We are a cloth diapering family as well. I try to help my readers who are new to cloth diapering get started or answer any questions. I love to help fellow moms and dads.

My blog has a few giveaways thrown in there, but it's mainly about the ups and downs of motherhood. I don't (and won't) hold back on any topic. I started my blog to connect with other like minded moms like myself. Feel free to stop by anytime to keep up with the chubster and me ;)"

So, look for her button on my sidebar... and make sure you go and check out her cute blog. She has lots of great things to share!

Just added

I know it's not quite rainy season yet... but here's to wishful thinking!!!

I just added this cute edged boutique baby/toddler blanket to my etsy store. It is made using 2 Riley Blake prints.

Front and back are edged in a coordinating print from Blake's Rainy Days collection so you see the cute print on the back too!!

Go check it out!

Mingle Monday!!!

Today (9/12/10) is Grandparent's Day... so a very happy grandparents day to any of you grandma's and grandpa's out there!!!!

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Design It Chic
This is a great blog if you are looking for blog designs, blogging tips, blog decluttering strategies, and much more! Make sure to check it out!!

My New Nephew!!

Introducing the newest addition to my extended family. Landon Michael. Born 9/10/10 at 5:26pm. I went to see him last night... what a cutie!!! Congrats Sis and Bro-in-law!

Nursing Cover for the New Mom

So, my sister is in labor as I type... yay!!! I decided to spend my morning making her a nursing cover! I have made a couple before and I have even sold one or two on my etsy store.. but I have now refined my pattern. It is an extra large size to make sure everything stays private! My sis is not one for big flashy prints, so when I found this one I thought it was perfect. It says "little boy" but doesn't scream it!
My nursing cover features a stiff neckline so that you can peek at baby.
It also has a chenille pocket sewn into one of the inside corners. Perfect for nursing pads, pacifiers, and to wipe baby's mouth.
Nursing cover measures 30" wide and 33" tall - giving you great coverage and lots of privacy!
Love ya Sis!!!