Month Long of Christmas Day 2

Have you ever noticed how you can smell Christmas?!?! Starting after Thanksgiving the air is thick with the aroma of baking cookies, pine trees, snow, cinnamon... and nothing says Christmas more than a gingerbread house!

You know you made them as kids... and I'm sure yours all turned out like these.....
Well... here is how mine usually turned out...

...made with graham crackers.. usually on a plate covered with tin foil. By the time I was finished my house would be practically collapsing because of the weight of all the frosting and candy I had covered the sides and roof with. BUT... I had so much fun and it still tasted delicious... even if it was falling apart. The best part about it was that I could save it and eat candy off my house for days!

I have tried making my own gingerbread house pieces from a mix. If you can do it... you are superwoman!! I couldn't do it at all. I tried making template pieces out of parchment paper and they always came out deformed. So, for anyone like me - I am a total advocate of buying a kit!!! You can still buy your own candies (the ones in the kits are good - but I like chocolate on mine!) The kits are reasonably priced too which makes it a really sweet deal!

We made one with my daughter last year for the first time and, yes, she was covered in frosting in the first 2 minutes - and, yes, she probably ate more candy than ended up on the house - but it's the experience that counts!! SHE LOVED IT, and it was a great way to spend some quality time together as a family!

If you make yours close to Christmas, use it as a centerpiece for your table! Then you can munch on it after dinner!

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