How to Add Grommets to Store Bought Curtains

Have you ever come across the perfect pair of curtains, but wished they had grommets at the top to attach them to your curtain rod? Me too!! I found a pair of curtains that I fell in love with for my girls' room on clearance at Target. I had been using the rings with the clips on the end to put them up, but finally decided to bite the bullet and just put actual grommets on. 

Let me tell you how easy peasy it is!! 

Dairy and Egg Free Meatballs

If you are an avid reader of my blog you already know that we have to eat egg and dairy free (peanut free too??). My almost 8 year old is deathly allergic to them. There has been a lot of trial and error on our part to find (or adapt) recipes to work for us and our eating requirements. Trust me... there have been a lot of fails!! 

Now that we have 7.5 years of dairy, egg, and peanut free cooking/baking under our belts, I have decided that I need to start writing down all of these recipes in the hopes that we can help others of you out there who are as lost as we once were when we found out the extent of his food allergies.

After several successful (and unsuccessful) attempts, I finally created a recipe that my family LOVES and one that holds these little guys together. Since we can't use eggs, we have to think a little outside of the box to get certain foods to work for us. 

Want to know how we make dairy free and egg free meatballs work for us!?! 

Vegan Protein Cookies

If you are like us, you may be having trouble finding delicious vegan options for desserts. So many of the good recipes out there call for eggs and dairy to make their tasty treats. We eat vegan for two reasons: 
1) it's a really healthy option for everyone -- but I know it's not for everyone
2) my son has anaphylactic allergies to eggs, dairy, and peanuts, so vegan it is! 

I have come up with an adapted recipe that it totally delicious -- and even a little healthy!!

When we take a day trip to Disneyland these cookies are one of our go-to snacks that we pack. Cookies, as a snack!?!? YES! While they do still contain sugar, they are also loaded with good healthy stuff that fills kids bellies, feeds their sweet tooth, and can stop the 4:00pm meltdown that inevitably ensues!

Let's get started!