How to Add Grommets to Store Bought Curtains

Have you ever come across the perfect pair of curtains, but wished they had grommets at the top to attach them to your curtain rod? Me too!! I found a pair of curtains that I fell in love with for my girls' room on clearance at Target. I had been using the rings with the clips on the end to put them up, but finally decided to bite the bullet and just put actual grommets on. 

Let me tell you how easy peasy it is!! 

I even added a homemade fabric bunting to "girly" it up a little bit!

Here's what you need:
• two curtain panels
•2 grommet packages (1 per panel)
• fabric marker or pen
• small scissor or small rotary cutter
• quilting ruler or measuring tape

I purchased my grommets at JoAnn's Fabric Store with coupons. They are regularly around $14 for a package so using coupons is a MUST!

Step 1:
Decide where your grommets are going to be. I started by measuring in 1.5 inches from both sides and placed a dot centered on the sewn pocket on my panel. Then I measured the distance between those two dots and divided it by 7 (you will have 6 grommets and 7 spaces between the two on the ends). Then I measured out that number using my quilting ruler and place dots at each spot. When you are done double check that you have 8 dots marked on the top of your panel. 

 Step 2: The grommet package comes with a template to mark the circle for your grommets. Center the template over the dots you marked and trace around the circle.

Step 3: Using your rotary cutter or scissors, cut out the circles that you just drew on your panels. Then find the two sides to your grommet. One has a raised edge (a socket) and the other has small prongs on it. It helps to put them into separate piles before you start putting them on your panel.

Step 4: Place the socket side of your grommet on the RIGHT SIDE of your panel. I flipped the edge of my panel over on top of the socket.

Then place the prong side on top so that it lines up with the bottom of your grommet. Then using your fingers press it into place. You should hear a *snap* as it locks in place.

Step 5: Repeat for the remaining 7 holes that you cut from your panel. Easy peasy, right?

Now you can put them back on your curtain rod, step back, and admire the job you have done! This is a super simple way to fancy up some plain old curtains!

You can make an easy bunting to go with your curtains too. I just wound the end around the edge of the curtain rod to hold it in place.

I love the way it is SO much easier to open the curtains all of the way and let the sun and fresh air in.

You can do this to your living room or family room curtains and change up your bunting banner with the seasons! Oh the possibilities!!! LOVE!

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