Mingle Monday 8.1.2011

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Welcome to another week! If you are thinking of a home reno project, check out what I did with my little guest/kids bathroom here.

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Bathroom Redo ~ Board and Batten

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As you know we have been in our new house for a little more than 6 months now. Yay us! BUT, there is still so much work that hasn't been done yet. One of the projects that has been haunting me is our kds/guest bathroom.

Last week my hubby was gone camping for 3 days, so I took that time {with the help of my 2 and 4 year olds} to redo that bathroom. Was I crazy!?! YES. Was it hard?!? YES. Was it worth it!?! You be the judge.

My poor hubby doesn't have to worry when he is away camping or on business that I will go shopping... he has to worry about what home improvement project I am going to tackle. Benefit for me? I get to do what I want... and he can't complain {at least until he comes home}. This time though... he actually liked what I did!

Here's how I did it.
• 1 gallon BEHR ULTRA Ultra Pure White Paint
• 1 gallon BEHR ULTRA Dried Palm Paint
• Purdy edging brush
• mini paint roller
• miter box and miter saw
• lattice boards
• chair rail
• level
• finishing nails and hammer
• wood glue
• painter's caulk and caulk gun
• My 4 year old helper

I dragged took my kiddos to Home Depot and found my supplies. If you go down the moulding aisle you can easily find the chair rail. If you find the section of moulding where they AREN'T primed, you can find the lattice board. It is about 2" wide and very thin. I chose to use lattice board  instead of regular MDF because my bathroom is teeny tiny and the regular MDF boards would be too big. If you are doing a larger room, totally get the MDF.

The nice guy at Home Depot cut my lattice pieces for me. I had him cut my pieces at 48" long. I wanted a taller board and batten to help give my room the illusion of being bigger and taller. Could I have cut my pieces at home myself? YES. But, my car is only so big and I couldn't fit the 16ft long pieces in my car, plus, the nice guy offered... so I couldn't turn him down, could I?

Once you have your supplies, it's go time!

I chose to put a board in each corner of each wall. Then spaced them about 16" apart on the wall. Why 16"?? That was the closest I could get my boards around my toilet. Yay, there wasn't really any rhyme or reason other than me not wanted to take out my toilet {I really have no idea how to do that}. So I got them as close as I could, and that was my measurement. Ta da!

{The pictures are what they are. It's a tiny bathroom with no windows. So I only had my flash and the ugly indoor lighting. I tried photo shopping as best as possible. Sorry. Plus, my hubby was gone, so a lot of pics were taken by my trusty side-kick, my 4 year old.}

Most of my work was done after my 2 year old was put to bed. He was so tired he managed to sleep through all the hammering. How did my side-kick keep herself occupied?!

By drawing pictures and taking pictures with my camera.

Just a quick reminder....


If you decide to board and batten, or you have already done it, leave the link to your post in the comments! I would LOVE to see what you have done!!

Have a great weekend!

Getting Organized

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How has that New Year's resolution to get and stay organized gone? Mine? Not so well...

BUT, I found a fantastic product that is going to help me get started! One of the HUGE problems I have is scheduling things and not knowing remembering when I scheduled them for. Then it's a last minute rush to get there.

I have found a fantastic solution! It's called the Life Planner {by Erin Condren}. Here's why it is so fantastic!!
Right now they are being sold as an 18 month planner! So, you can start using it now and it's good until December of 2012!! Awesome.

LOVE THIS! This is actually a new thing for these planners. I have the old version that requires a binder clip to hold pages together so you can open your planner to "today". Well, this new planner has month tabs. WOW! So much easier to find not only "today" but when you are hunting around to write something down for "next month" too! Love.

One of the other super wonderful things about this planner... it has pockets! In the back is a heavy duty two-sided pocket! Perfect when you receive a handout in church, or a business card, or invitation that you want to hold on to. Use it to collect your weekly receipts! The Life Planner also has a clear ziploc-type pocket for your pencil/pen, business cards, stamps, whatever.

It also has these fabulous stickers. They are great for keeping track of appointments, birthdays, parties, etc. There are even blank ones for you to write your own info on. The colors make them easy to find when you are thumbing through your calendar.

In addition, the Life Planner offers month at a glance, and week at a glance pages. It has a special dates section broken down by month for you to list birthdays and anniversaries.

PLUS.... it comes in some of the cutest designs that I have EVER seen! I swear it took me like 2 days to pick out the one that I wanted. They are all the same on the inside... so that was easy! If you want to make yours even more personal, you can add pictures to the front and/or back of your planner.

It is also a smaller size 7"x9" so it fits just great in your purse or diaper bag.

So which cover did I finally choose?

The pink and green one! I wanted something a little girly, but simple.

Here's the BEST part. The Life Planners are $50-60 depending on whether you add pictures. How would you like to get one for 50% off!!!?!!?

Right now Plum District is offering a voucher for $25  worth $50 for you to use towards Erin Condren's goodies. Use it on a Life Planner or stationary. Whatever you want.

Use this link to go get yours! But hurry, like most of these fantastic deals... it won't last long!! If you take advantage of this deal... I can guarantee.. you won't regret it. It will be the best $25 you will ever spend!!!

{Here's how it works - in case you haven't tried Plum District before.  You use a credit card to pay your $25.  Then you are sent an email with your coupon code. Go to Erin Condren's website and add your Life Planner {or other items} to your cart. Click to checkout. During checkout you can enter the coupon code. It will show that you are paying NOTHING for your planner - in reality you already paid your $25 from Plum District. You only pay for shipping and taxes. Submit your order and your done!}

Mingle Monday 7.25.2011

Looking for the Little Hatchlings giveaway!? Click {here} to enter to win a headband of your choice!


Welcome to another week! If you missed our tutorials from last week, scroll down to catch up! Stay tuned this week for some more fantastic "stuff"!

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Merry Christmas.... already!?!

Well, this year I hopped on the bandwagon with everyone else offering "Christmas" specials during the month of July.

Take advantage of this deal and stock up for all your friends who are expecting. Start your Christmas shopping early and $ave! Don't miss out on the chance to get some luxurious boutique and designer items for your own baby at 15% off! All chenille blankets are still shipped for free!! You can't beat that!!

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Tutorial: How to Make Throw Pillows from a Bed Pillow

Looking for the Little Hatchlings Giveaway. Click {here} to enter!

I have been holding on to an old bed pillow {ok, so I have a couple -- but it's always good to have at least 1 extra one in case company spends the night!} One in particular has been staring at me every night when I go to bed... it had taken up permanent residence on my dresser... just waiting for a project to change it into something fabulous! Well... that day finally came! Ta da!!!

If you are looking for a super simple home decor project for next to nothing {$} then please... read on!

Grab an old-ish pillow -- if your own pillow is in need of replacing... this is a good excuse to go get a new one.

Next, grab your sewing scissors and cut that sucker in half!

There is a whole lot of extra stuffing in there that you won't need... so just pull some out and either trash it, or if you are like me, you save it for another future sewing project!

Next, cut off about 2" from each of the pillow halves -- I can't really think of a use for this piece, so I tossed it. If you can think of one... totally save it!

Then, grab your straight pins and pin the edge of your pillow shut. Since it's bulky there really isn't a way to iron it down and make it all perfect and neat. So... instead, just kinda eye-ball it. I folded my ends under about 1/4" and pinned them together.

When it comes to the end - depending on your pillow - you may have extra fabric from the side of your pillow. Here's what I did. I started by stretching it out.

Then I found the middle of the stretched part and folded it in towards the center of my pillow until the side seams lined up. Then I pinned it closed!

Ta da! All pinned!

Time to sew! Ya... it was about as easy as it looks to get that little stuffed pillow up there and under the foot of my sewing machine, but once I got it in place, it was super easy to stitch. Just a simple straight stitch with about a 1/4" seam allowance. All the way down making sure to back stitch at the start and finish.

I chose to add an extra reinforcing stitch to my pillow... heaven knows that pillows in my house get thrown around A LOT by my little ones, so these little guys need all the reinforcements they can get! My seam allowance was about 1/8" {as close to the edge of the pillow as I could get. Back stitch at the start and finish.

Repeat for the other half of your original pillow and you will have 2 cute rectangle pillows... perfect for covering!

I used my tutorial here to make my pillow slipcovers. I found this cute home decor fabric at Joann's on sale. These are the colors for my "to be completed" living room/dining room. What do you think!?! I am just waiting on some extra $ to get new slipcovers for my couch and to put up some new baseboards and it is done!

New Sponsor: Little Hatchlings & a Giveaway!!!

Giveaway has been extended. Make sure you get those entries in!!!

My friend Uyen from Little Hatchlings did a wonderful giveaway for us when we reached 1,000 followers. Since then she has become a great friend! She is so beyond talented!!

I was so thrilled when she said that she wanted Little Hatchlings to be a sponsor on my blog! Uyen is such a creative woman... I am just in awe of everything I see both in her shop and on her facebook page. She says, "ever since I was a little girl, I have been in love with arts and crafts. I love spending hours in the craft store and when I leave, it feels as if no time has passed. I love the fact that you can lose yourself in your own creativity. I love the squeals of delight when my daughter sees the creations that I have made.

I have two amazing little girls. It is from these two kiddos that my creations come to life. My 7 year old is imaginative beyond belief. My 2 year old baby is very inquisitive and is still discovering her new world.

Right now, life is extremely hectic... but life is wonderful!"

Not only is she a talented business owner and mommy, but she also has such a wonderful outlook on her hectic life! I love that about her!!

These adorable newborn headbands are handmade and so, SO cute!! Perfect for newborn portraits, family parties, baby blessings, and just to wear around!!

Little Hatchlings also carries "BIG" girl headbands! My little girl is a girl through and through! She accessorizes every outfit! I am totally going to get her one of these... and try and hide it until Christmas!!

In additional to all the beautiful creations for the kiddos, Little Hatchlings also has a line of headbands and hair clips for the bride-to-be! Look at this gorgeous bridal headband! It can also be sized for a baptism or christening! Gorgeous.

...and because I thought this was just the cutest picture... I had to include it! {See that little headband... yah, that's a Little Hatchlings newborn headband!}

You can absolutely get a custom headband for any special occasion... and Uyen is so totally easy to work with... you will love her too! Take a look at her website to see all of the wonderful creations she has put together.

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{little} Girls Garden Giveaway Winner

Thanks to {little} Girls Garden for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway and thanks to everyone who showed my new sponsor some by entering! The winner {thanks to random.org} is  # 5

Heather Nash said...

My favorite item is the Hot Pink Flower, 4 inches, Fabric Hairbow. Thank you.

Heather, I have sent you an email. Make sure you get back to me within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen!

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Mingle Monday 7.18.2011

Welcome to another week! I have some fun tutorials posting this week, so make sure you come back and check them out!

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Tutorial: How to Mod Podge a Wood Star for Home Decor

I was looking to add a little POP of color to my home decor. The more I search for the style that I want to go in for the feel of my home, I am drawn to country•ish stuff.. with hints of lime green and red. {I know... it's kind of a mish mosh of colors, but it's still a work in progress!!} When I saw this paper... I thought it was absolutely perfect -- and I just had to use it for a project... and here's what I came up with!

A 3•D star!

Want to make your own!? Here's how:
• 1 wood craft star {got mine at Joann's with a coupon for less than $2}
• 2 sheets of scrapbook paper {on sale at Joann's for 4 for $1. Mine was two sided... perfect match!}
• sponge brush
• scissors
• scrap piece of paper
• pencil
• mod podge
• string
{the only things I bought were the star and the paper... I had the rest on hand... talk about a cheap project!}

Step 1:
Grab your scratch paper and your pencil. Try and form your paper around on side of your star. Then with your pencil, trace the outline of the triangle.

Step 2:
Cut out your traced triangle and double check that it fits on both sides of your star. Trim your pattern piece if necessary.

Step 3:
Trace your pieces and cut them out! Make sure you cut 5 pieces of each side of the pattern. {trace 5 on one print. Then turn your pattern over and trace 5 on your second print}

Step 4:
Lay out your pieces. I found it helpful to lay them out as a traced and cut them. Make sure they all fit and that you have your pattern the way that you want it.
{If you want to distress your papers, do that step now.}

If your star came with a ribbon attached, remove the ribbon before you start gluing. Feel free to save it so you can re•tie it on your star to hang it once your star is completed. 

Step 5:
Load up one triangle section with mod podge and stick your paper on it. Smooth out the paper as best as you can.

Step 6:
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Step 7:
Once you have all of your pieces mod podged on, make sure your papers are all sitting nice and smooth.

Step 8:
Cover your entire star with 2-3 layers of mod podge. This not only helps the papers to stick even better, but it adds gloss and texture to your finished product as well!

Step 9:
Turn your star over and find the pre•drilled hole for hanging. If you are going to be hanging your star, take a pencil or the tip of you scissors and punch through the hole {on the back} and through the paper. Then thread your string or ribbon through it and tie.

Then, display your finished star. If you have a mantel, you could stand it up and lean it against your wall to add to your mantel decor. I don't have one {unfortunately}, so I hung mine up. I am still trying to decide exactly where I want it to end up so I am trying it out in different areas of my home...

I used hemp twine from Wal-Mart {super cheap for a big bundle} to hang mine. I love the texture of the twine and the "old"•ish look it give it.

Happy crafting!!! Hope you have a great weekend!