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How has that New Year's resolution to get and stay organized gone? Mine? Not so well...

BUT, I found a fantastic product that is going to help me get started! One of the HUGE problems I have is scheduling things and not knowing remembering when I scheduled them for. Then it's a last minute rush to get there.

I have found a fantastic solution! It's called the Life Planner {by Erin Condren}. Here's why it is so fantastic!!
Right now they are being sold as an 18 month planner! So, you can start using it now and it's good until December of 2012!! Awesome.

LOVE THIS! This is actually a new thing for these planners. I have the old version that requires a binder clip to hold pages together so you can open your planner to "today". Well, this new planner has month tabs. WOW! So much easier to find not only "today" but when you are hunting around to write something down for "next month" too! Love.

One of the other super wonderful things about this planner... it has pockets! In the back is a heavy duty two-sided pocket! Perfect when you receive a handout in church, or a business card, or invitation that you want to hold on to. Use it to collect your weekly receipts! The Life Planner also has a clear ziploc-type pocket for your pencil/pen, business cards, stamps, whatever.

It also has these fabulous stickers. They are great for keeping track of appointments, birthdays, parties, etc. There are even blank ones for you to write your own info on. The colors make them easy to find when you are thumbing through your calendar.

In addition, the Life Planner offers month at a glance, and week at a glance pages. It has a special dates section broken down by month for you to list birthdays and anniversaries.

PLUS.... it comes in some of the cutest designs that I have EVER seen! I swear it took me like 2 days to pick out the one that I wanted. They are all the same on the inside... so that was easy! If you want to make yours even more personal, you can add pictures to the front and/or back of your planner.

It is also a smaller size 7"x9" so it fits just great in your purse or diaper bag.

So which cover did I finally choose?

The pink and green one! I wanted something a little girly, but simple.

Here's the BEST part. The Life Planners are $50-60 depending on whether you add pictures. How would you like to get one for 50% off!!!?!!?

Right now Plum District is offering a voucher for $25  worth $50 for you to use towards Erin Condren's goodies. Use it on a Life Planner or stationary. Whatever you want.

Use this link to go get yours! But hurry, like most of these fantastic deals... it won't last long!! If you take advantage of this deal... I can guarantee.. you won't regret it. It will be the best $25 you will ever spend!!!

{Here's how it works - in case you haven't tried Plum District before.  You use a credit card to pay your $25.  Then you are sent an email with your coupon code. Go to Erin Condren's website and add your Life Planner {or other items} to your cart. Click to checkout. During checkout you can enter the coupon code. It will show that you are paying NOTHING for your planner - in reality you already paid your $25 from Plum District. You only pay for shipping and taxes. Submit your order and your done!}

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