Bathroom Redo ~ Board and Batten

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As you know we have been in our new house for a little more than 6 months now. Yay us! BUT, there is still so much work that hasn't been done yet. One of the projects that has been haunting me is our kds/guest bathroom.

Last week my hubby was gone camping for 3 days, so I took that time {with the help of my 2 and 4 year olds} to redo that bathroom. Was I crazy!?! YES. Was it hard?!? YES. Was it worth it!?! You be the judge.

My poor hubby doesn't have to worry when he is away camping or on business that I will go shopping... he has to worry about what home improvement project I am going to tackle. Benefit for me? I get to do what I want... and he can't complain {at least until he comes home}. This time though... he actually liked what I did!

Here's how I did it.
• 1 gallon BEHR ULTRA Ultra Pure White Paint
• 1 gallon BEHR ULTRA Dried Palm Paint
• Purdy edging brush
• mini paint roller
• miter box and miter saw
• lattice boards
• chair rail
• level
• finishing nails and hammer
• wood glue
• painter's caulk and caulk gun
• My 4 year old helper

I dragged took my kiddos to Home Depot and found my supplies. If you go down the moulding aisle you can easily find the chair rail. If you find the section of moulding where they AREN'T primed, you can find the lattice board. It is about 2" wide and very thin. I chose to use lattice board  instead of regular MDF because my bathroom is teeny tiny and the regular MDF boards would be too big. If you are doing a larger room, totally get the MDF.

The nice guy at Home Depot cut my lattice pieces for me. I had him cut my pieces at 48" long. I wanted a taller board and batten to help give my room the illusion of being bigger and taller. Could I have cut my pieces at home myself? YES. But, my car is only so big and I couldn't fit the 16ft long pieces in my car, plus, the nice guy offered... so I couldn't turn him down, could I?

Once you have your supplies, it's go time!

I chose to put a board in each corner of each wall. Then spaced them about 16" apart on the wall. Why 16"?? That was the closest I could get my boards around my toilet. Yay, there wasn't really any rhyme or reason other than me not wanted to take out my toilet {I really have no idea how to do that}. So I got them as close as I could, and that was my measurement. Ta da!

{The pictures are what they are. It's a tiny bathroom with no windows. So I only had my flash and the ugly indoor lighting. I tried photo shopping as best as possible. Sorry. Plus, my hubby was gone, so a lot of pics were taken by my trusty side-kick, my 4 year old.}

Most of my work was done after my 2 year old was put to bed. He was so tired he managed to sleep through all the hammering. How did my side-kick keep herself occupied?!

By drawing pictures and taking pictures with my camera.

Just a quick reminder....


If you decide to board and batten, or you have already done it, leave the link to your post in the comments! I would LOVE to see what you have done!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Visiting via The Creative Crate. Love the bathroom (probably because my bathroom is the same color and has beadboard instead of board and batten!) I did do board and batten in my basement remodel last summer and LOVE the way it turned out! Check it out at :) Steph


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