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White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies - Dairy and Egg Free

There is nothing better than the smell of homemade cookies baking in the oven... well, except for eating them of course! 

This is a new recipe that I put together and my kiddos LOVED them. As a parent of a child with severe food allergies, any recipe that my kids like is a win in my book! If you are looking a new sweet recipe to try, give this one a whirl... it won't disappoint! 

Confessions of a Stay At Home Parent

Any other Stay at Home Moms out there? I know I'm not alone. Today's post is all about confessions. There are some things about being a stay at home mom that I absolutely LOVE, and there are others that make life really hard at times. My hope is that other stay at home moms (or dads) will understand that they aren't alone.... and those of you who are working parents, will realize that life as a stay at home parent is just as tough as being gone all day.

A New Year and A New Focus

Just like most of the world, on New Years Day I like to sit and set some goals for the new year. We have family goals and personal goals. This year I am doing something a little different.

This isn't a new concept, and it definitely isn't one that I've come up with on my own, but it's one that I'm taking on for the first time in 2020.

Dairy-Free and Nut-Free Chocolate Sunbutter Spread

This is a recipe that I've been wanting to put together for a LONG time. My son is severely allergic to dairy, eggs, and peanuts. Do you know how hard that is when you LOVE peanut butter and cheesecake?! Yep, it's been a struggle ... not just for us having to give up a lot of what we love, but also trying to figure out delicious tasting recipes that are safe for him and our family to eat.

That's why when I discover, or create, or adapt a recipe that tastes yummy I want to scream it from the rooftops! Trust me, I have way more flops than I do keepers, but THIS one was a hit the first time I made it, and we LOVE it!

Homemade Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Mix

Now that the weather is cooling down, and is down right cold at times, it's time to break out the hot chocolate!! We aren't coffee drinkers in our home, but we definitely love a nice warm mug full of hot cocoa anytime of the day.