Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Today is national chocolate chip cookie day and I decided it was the perfect day to share my go to cookie recipe! But first ... a brief history lesson... you can use this to impress all your friends at parties. 

Did you know that the first chocolate chip cookie recipe was created way back in the late 1930s? We have a woman by the name of Ruth Wakefield who worked for Tollhouse to thank for this deliciousness. They were originally intended to be served with ice cream but has become an American staple when it was shared on Betty Crockers radio program. In 1939 Ruth sold her recipe and the Tollhouse company to Nestle. The original recipe can still be found on most bags of Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips. 

With so many chocolate chip cookie recipes out in the world, there is no way to know which one is the best .... until you've tried them all, right? #lifegoals

That being said, since we have allergies to eggs and dairy, we have to make substitutions in our recipes and adjust measurements as needed to get the right consistency and taste. I have tweaked my recipe for years and have finally landed on one that we all love! It's soft and chewy without being too soft and chewy. It is crunchy on the outside but slightly gooey on the inside. Whether you eat vegan or not, these are delicious! 

You can also add in anything else you want to create your own monster cookies. When we take road trips, I love to make a batch of these cookies and add oats, protein powder, and almond or sunflower seed. butter. They feel a little healthier that way for snacking in the car or amusement park. My kids love when I make plain cookie dough and give them some in their own little mixing bowl to add their own goodies to. They can create their own unique combination of ingredients to come up with the cookie of their dreams! 

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