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Mingle Monday - 11.28.2011

While putting together today's post, I realized I haven't posted anything since last Monday! Yikes!! I guess that's what happens with both a holiday in the week and when I feel sick as a dog! I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and that you were able to hit up some of the black friday deals!

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Mingle Monday 11.21.2011

Sorry about the lack of posts last week. I am now officially DONE with my holiday boutique. I spent Friday and Saturday with my mom and sister - who graciously offered to come along with me to my BIGGEST craft fair! It was held Saturday from 8am-noon at the Disneyland Hotel. The boutique is an annual event held by CUW (California Utah Women).

I will be sharing some pictures of the fun later this week!

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BakeSweets Giveaway Winner Take 2

Last week's BakeSweets giveaway winner never contacted me... so, you know what that means... time to pick a new winner!

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Mingle Monday 11.14.2011

Yay... it's that time of the week again! Time to pull up your chair {or maybe the mouse and keyboard} and visit some fun new blogs!


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Jewelry Storage Solution - Go Vertical!

We have very limited storage space in our master bath... and our bedroom for that matter. So, what's a modern girl supposed to do!?! Go VERTICAL! Yep... if you are lacking in counter or drawer space.. use your walls!

I have been trying to come up with a way to store my jewelry that is better than the little plastic drawer bins they were sitting in for years. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but when I want to I have to go through several containers to try and find my necklaces, rings, etc.

One thing I have learned is that you can make clothing accessory items into easy decor and storage. Just because you wear it, doesn't mean it only has one purpose. Especially since large costume jewelry is in fashion right now, it's the perfect time to put all the big colorful stuff on display!

Want to make your own? Here's how:

• 1 large picture frame {I got mine at Michael's for only $2.50 - it is 11"x14"}
• scrap of fabric large enough to fit in the frame {had on hand}
• piece of MDF cut to fit in the frame - where the glass would be {had on hand}
• staple gun and staples
• hooks {found at Lowe's for $2}
• spray paint (optional)
{Ignore the wire cutters. I added them to the picture because I thought I would need them to trim the back of my hooks... turned out I didn't need them.}

My frame was a blue-ish gray when I bought it. I simply sprayed a very light coat of white flat spray paint over the surface so that the texture was still a hint of the blue-gray. It gave it an antique look without all the sanding and staining. You can of course choose whatever color and method you would like for your frame.

Make sure you iron your fabric before you start working with it. Stretch it carefully  {so it doesn't tear} across the front of your MDF and bring it around the back. Use your staple gun to attach it to the back of your MDF.

 *HINT: When you cut the MDF to size, be sure to cut it just slightly smaller than you need it so that once you get your fabric on it will still fit inside your frame!

Once your fabric is secure, slip it into your frame.

Then grab your ruler and either a pencil or a disappearing ink marker so you can figure out where those hooks will go.

I sadly confess that at one time I considered being a MATH MAJOR in college, but opted for teaching instead. Well... I am glad I didn't choose math, because this is me trying to figure out where to place my hooks.

After all that math I realized that since I had 3 hooks...

... all I really  needed to do was find the center, mark a dot. Then find the center between the middle dot and the edge of the frame on either side, and mark a dot. I may not have majored in math... but I can figure out simple crafting tricks! Ha!

I took the fabric piece out of the frame to hammer them in. My rose hooks are from Lowe's. They are actually push pins with a hook on the bottom... so no drilling or screwing necessary. Instead I lightly tapped them in with a hammer. The end stuck out about 1/8" on the back of my MDF. I just hammered it down to one side also helping to secure the hooks in place.

My frame did NOT come with any hardware for hanging. I had these picture hangers on hand and simply tapped the tiny nails in to hold them in place on the back of my frame.

Then hammer some nails in the wall and hang it up! Add your jewelry and you have a beautiful and modern jewelry display that can add a POP of COLOR to any bedroom!

What storage solution ideas are looking for!?!


12 Days of Christmas - Calling All Bloggers!

I am looking for anyone who wants a little extra avertising over the next month and a half leading up to the holidays.

Do you have a DIY or craft blog? Do you have your own business? Do you coupon? Do you have some great holiday recipes to share?

I want to feature Y-O-U! I am looking for at least 12 different bloggers who want to be guest posters for my 12 blog posts of Christmas. {If I get more than 12 super great ideas... I will update the name. I would love to make it a month of Christmas... that would be so fun!} It should be Christmas/holiday related somehow.

For example: a holiday decor idea, homemade gifts, holiday receipe, how to save on Christmas shopping this year, free printables, and anything else you can come up with!

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• You must be family friendly!
• You must email your submission to kdbuggieboutique[at!]yahoo.com by Friday, November 18th.
• In your email you need to include your website address, your button, and your post idea.
• Your post will run in December as part of my 12 blog posts of Christmas!
• It needs to be something new. I don't want to see a blog post that you did last year. Revamp it, update it, come up with something creative. This is your chance to show all 1500 of my viewers a taste of who you are!

If you have any questions feel free to email me. Please past this post along to your facebook fans and your blog followers. We would love to see some new faces around here!

I can't wait to read what you come up with!


Recipe: Dairy-Free Chicken Pot Pockets

We are always looking for and creating fun and delicious recipes that are dairy-free so that we can all enjoy them. {For those of you just joining, my almost 3 yr old son has life-threatening dairy, egg, and peanut allergies.}

I love easy dishes that can be made from pantry staples. I developed this recipe the other day, and my family couldn't get enough of it! The kids - who are very much separatists {meaning they don't like the food on their plate to touch each other} - ate everything on their plate!

{Please ignore the gross counters under my plate. They are clean, just old and stained. If I were a little smarter I would have plated on a solid colored plate instead... replacing counters is on my long-term to do list!}

Essentially these are individual chicken pot pie pockets... hence the name, chicken pot pockets... after all, it's not really a pie is it?!?!

Here's what you need:
• 1 package refrigerate pie crust
• various veggies (corn, peas, celery, carrots, potatoes, onion, bell pepper, etc.)
• 1 large can of canned chicken
• olive oil
• fork, knife, pizza cutter (optional), spoon
• baking stone or sheet pan

Here's how to make them:
Start by washing and drying your veggies. Then dice the carrots, celery, and onion.  Place a very small amount of olive oil in the bottom of your saute pan so your veggies don't stick. Then add the carrots, celery and onion to your pan. Cook until the onion turns translucent.

*{If you are making your own cream of chicken soup, you should start that now.}

Once the onions are just about done, I add my baby butter potatoes. They are literally the size of about a gumball... and they are so delicious. I cut them in quarters to be about the same size as the other veggies. Since they are small they don't need to cook long and they will continue to cook in the oven.

I love to saute my vegges first because it adds to the overall flavor, and I brown them up a little before they go into the pocket.

Warm up your cream of chicken soup, season it with your choice of seasonings, and add the saute-ed veggies. (You can see my seasoning in the cream of chicken soup already.) I keep my pot on low heat while I add all of my additional ingredients.

Next I add my frozen peas and corn. We always have these on hand. I don't add them until now because if you try and saute frozen peas and corn they turn kind of gummy.

Stir everything together and grab your canned chicken. Be sure to drain the water out of the can.

Once drained, add the chicken to your pot and stir together.

If you choose to add bell peppers, I always add them last because I don't really like my peppers soggy.  Now it's time to make the pockets.

You will want to follow the directions on your pie crust box as to how long it needs to thaw before you can work with it. Usually it needs to sit for about 10-15 minutes before you can unroll it.

If you have dairy or egg allergies, be sure to read the labels in the store carefully so that you purchase the correct pie crust. I have found that both the Pillsbury and the Safeway brands of refrigerated pie crust are dairy and egg free.

1. Unroll your pie crust dough and use a pizza cutter to cut it into quarters.

2. Separate one quarter to work with. Spoon a small amount of the pot pie filling onto one side of your quarter piece.

3. Fold over your quarter piece and press the edges together to form your pocket.

4. Smooth out the edges to be sure that they are sealed.

Once your pocket is sealed, gently transfer it to your baking pan. Then use the teeth of a fork to crimp the edges all the way around - it makes it look more like traditional pie while really sealing it all together.

Then use your knife to cut a few slits on the top of your pocket. This lets the steam escape so that your pocket doesn' explode... that would be BAD!

Complete the other 7 pockets (4 from each of the pie crust rolls).

Bake in a 350ºF oven until the edges start to turn brown.

Let them cool for 2-3 minutes and serve! Yummy!

The flaky pie crust is super delicious and the inside is nice and moist.. so full of veggies and healthy goodness! Enjoy!

Eat them now, or cool them off, wrap them up, freeze then and enjoy them later!

{If you don't have to worry about eating dairy-free, you can absolutely substitute a store bought can of cream of chicken soup. Add a little milk to it as your warm it up in your sauce pan. Then add seasonings if you like it all flavored up!}

Recipe: Dairy Free Cream of Chicken Soup

There are so many delicious recipes that call for a can of cream of chicken soup. If you are fortunate enough to be food allergy free, then you are lucky! You can go to the store and pick up a can of cream of chicken soup. If you are like our family, with some food allergies you are not quite as lucky.

BUT... I have put together my own version of cream of chicken soup that is dairy free! We used it this week at my house for a brand new recipe that the kids, the hubster, and I gobbled up!

Best part is ... this recipe takes all of about 7 minutes to make!

You can also use this recipe for tater tot casserole {so yummy!}, green bean casserole, creamy chicken soup, and much more!

Here's what you need:
• 2 T dairy-free margarine (I like Fleishman's unsalted the best)
• 2T all purpose flour
• 2-3 cups chicken broth
• 2 T Tofutti cream cheese

{*T = tablespoon}

•  •  •  •  •

Here's how to make it:

Set your stove top to medium-low.  Place 2T dairy-free margarine in your warm pot. Let it melt. Once it is almost entirely melted, add your 2T flour.

Use a silicone or wire whisk {depending on your pot - mine if non-stick so I use silicone} to mix your margarine and flour together. You want to stir every 30 seconds or so to make sure it doesn't burn.

As you continue to stir your mixture will separate a little and begin to turn a darker color. The longer you let it cook, the "nuttier" the flavor will be {as the flour cooks}. This is called a rue. When mine looks like this, I add the chicken broth.

Start by adding about 1-1/2 cups of broth. Stir the mixture together and let it continue to cook for a minute or two while you stir. As you stir it will thicken up. Continue to add more broth a little at a time, while stirring, until you reach the thickness that you would like.

When I can stir mine and see the streak left in the sauce, it is the way I want it. If you like your less thick, add a little more broth.

*{If you accidentally add too much broth and it's too watery, add a teaspoon of flour to it and let it continue to cook. It will thicken up again.}

Now it's time to add your Tofutti cream cheese. It can be found at most grocery stores. Sometimes it is with the cream cheese, sometimes it is with the refrigerated soy products. Make sure you get the "plain" flavor.

*{It says it's "Better Than Cream Cheese". Personally, I think that's debatable, but it works just as well, and tastes just fine!}

Scoop about 2 tablespoons of Tofutti of drop it in your pot. You can see how accurately I like to measure, ha! Then whisk it in until it's completely incorporated.

... and that's it! Pretty simple! Now anyone who can't eat dairy can enjoy all of those recipes that call for cream of chicken soup. The taste is pretty plain, so if you like FLAVOR like we do, I usually add some of the following spices to brighten it up a little:
• garlic powder
• sea salt
• ground pepper
• paprika
• onion powder
• parsley

Add as much or as little of each spice as you like. I start with about 1 teaspoon of each and increase from their based on my "taste testing".

Watch for tomorrow's post... a great *NEW* recipe idea to use this soup with!

Do you have food allergies in your family? What great substitutions have you found/come up with?