How to Create a Photo Wall - the Easy Way!

The alternate title to this post should be: "Why I need a new camera!"

I have a big wall in my bedroom that our bed faces. Up until now it had been completely blank. So much potential that wasn't being used. I decided to turn this blank canvas into a picture wall!

Here's some eye candy to get you brainstorming on the possibilities of creating a picture wall!

Show off some of your favorite fabrics. Perfect for craft room decor!

Spruce up your bedroom with a picture wall headboard.
Create a special corner in your living room or office.

Dress up a living room wall as a focal point.

So many choices...

I dug around in my "old" {meaning anything up to our wedding} photos and decided that I wanted to put up some of our engagement and wedding photos, as well as a couple pictures of the kids.

I opted for a black and white photo theme and decided on black and white frames. Target had a great sale on their picture frames, so I snatched up 2- 8"x10" matted frames and 2- 5"x7" matted frames. I had 2 8"x10" frames already sitting in the garage. I sent my pictures to Costco {except for 2}, picked them up an hour later and was ready to start!

But, how do you get those photos straight, even, and exactly where you want them? I think that is the age old question! Somewhere, a while ago {maybe on HGTV} I saw a trick!

Here's what I learned and how I created my picture wall!

First, grab some paper, scissors, a marker, and some tape. Then use it to create a template for each frame. I placed my photos in the frame already so I knew the orientation of them. Once you have your rectangle, turn the frame over and place your paper on the back of your frame. Use your marker to mark on your paper exactly where the nail should go. This is CRUCIAL to getting your picture wall to be the way you want it.

Since I had 2 black frames, I labeled those templates "black" so that I knew where they would be in relation to the white frames. {I didn't want them next to each other}

Once you have all your templates created, you can arrange them on your wall. Since they are just taped on, you can rearrange them all you want adjusting the heights and location of each picture until you have it exactly the way you want it.
{I decided to cluster mine together in the middle of the wall so that more pictures can be added later.}

Then grab your hammer and nails and place the nails where you marked on each template the nail would go. Since just about every frame is different, this is the trick to making sure that your photos are hung where you want them!

Once all your nails are in, simply pull off your paper. Could it get any easier?

Hang up your photos, and your new picture wall is done!

Now do you see why I say the alternate title is, "Why I Need a New Camera"?
I have a point and shoot. Doesn't really do justice to anything except pictures taken outside in non-direct sunlight. Ya, it's a bummer, but it's what I have to work with. I am working to raise the money to get a nice fancy camera... but until then, it's the point and shoot!

With so many options out there, where would you put a picture wall?


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