Off to school...

Yesterday was the big day for my big girl! Her first day of preschool! Here she is in the morning all ready to go with the Tinkerbell folder she picked out. Can you tell her favorite color is pink???

We dropped her off and snapped a quick picture before walking into the classroom. I am soooo sad I didn't get pictures of the room, but I am taking some on Friday for sure!!

All the way home from school after dropping her off, her little brother cried and wanted to stay with her. I don't know if he missed her, or he just wanted to stay in the fun room! He was fine once he got home and had a nice bowl of cocoa puffs! It wasn't until lunchtime when he went to go find her to tell her lunch was ready, that he even remembered she wasn't at home.

When we picked her up she was super excited to tell us about everything she did and what she had made! We got home and she got to work right away on her homework. Let's hope this trend continues!!

All in all, it was a great day! It's both exciting and sad to see my little girl growing up. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday! My little 8lb. 9oz., 20 inches long bundle of joy! In 4-1/2 years she's gone from this

to this

... and I couldn't be more proud!


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  1. They grow up so fast. Looking forward to Moo starting school!


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