Back To School Clothes Organizer

Since my little one is heading off to school {technically today is her second day} I figured I needed to come up with something to help us stay a little more organized on school mornings. I hate feeling rushed to get anywhere!

The other day I came across a really awesome idea from Make It and Love It. If you haven't read that blog, you need to. Ashley is super creative and always has so many wonderful ideas. One of those is this hanging jewelry organizer.

I loved the idea, but it's not really practical for me. I don't have/wear a lot of jewelry. BUT, the idea was totally awesome. So here's what I came up with:

Since my little darling is only at school 3 days a week, I made a clothing organizer to hold her clothes for each of those 3 days. I used Ashley's tutorial on how to create the hanging organizer, but adjusted it for the widths of the pockets that I wanted. Then I used a little bit of left over vinyl to add two pocket to the bottom for socks and undies.

I attached a command hook to the inside of her closet door to hang it on. It is the perfect height so that she can reach everything! PLUS, we make sure to put all of her school clothes for the week in her organizer on Sunday nights so she is ready for the whole week! No more agony over which pink outfit she will wear in the morning.

She pops up out of bed, grabs a shirt, the skirt/shorts in the pocket underneath it, undies and socks and she's good to go!

Thinking of making one for yourself? It's really simple!!! Don't be afraid to use vinyl. It is really easy to work with and this is definitely a great starter project if you want to try working with it.

What would you use a hanging organizer for?


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  1. LoVE it!! Really CuTE idea...that would save me from re folding a thousand clothes a week....thanks to the dresser and my 4 year old!



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