How to Install Wall Anchors/ Mini Mudroom Area

How do you like my new mini mudroom shelf?

Here's how I did it, plus a little tip on why to use wall anchors.

Does anyone else have this problem when you go to hang something on the wall?
Either you can't find a stud {the wood kind, not the male kind, ha!} when you want to hang a shelf or picture, or there isn't one where you want it!

Well, the easy solution is to install wall anchors. For anyone who has NOT used anchors before, here's the 411.

Wall anchors come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Unfortunately this is one of the few times when you can't choose the color you want because it's your favorite... sorry gals!

So, when do you use one? When you want to hang a picture, shelf, plate, etc. on the wall and there isn't a stud around! The anchor provides a nice cozy spot for the screw to sit so that it doesn't pull out of the wall. That would be bad!

In the home improvement store they sell packages of screws with their matching anchor. Find the screw that fits whatever you are hanging and the anchor in the package will be the right size.
{ya, you could get all technical and use all the measurements and stuff... but I'm all about keeping it simple and easy!}

Ok, how's that for a brief into to wall anchors? Helpful???!


Ok, so now what? First, decide where you shelf/picture/etc. {in my case shelf} is going to go.

Use your level to make sure you shelf is, well... level.

Then to mark your holes, I usually tip my shelf up and use a pencil to place a little dot where the screws should go. There really isn't a science to it, you just want to make sure that your holes are in a place that will keep your shelf level. BUT, if you happen to have a nifty shelf like this one it allows for a little leeway so that you can adjust your shelf once it's in place to make it level... just in case.

Next, grab your power drill {a DIY girl's best friend} and your drill bits. You want to choose a drill bit that is pretty close in diameter to the diameter of your anchor.

Now, it's time to drill your hole. Make sure that your drill stays level as you work so that your hole is straight!

Now it's time to put in the anchor. Grab your hammer and the anchor. This is my favorite go to hammer for small jobs that don't need a lot of umph!
{don't make fun... yes, I do have a real hammer. It's a big one... and I know how to use it. But why dig out that big thing when the little one does just as well!?}

Place your anchor in the hole you drilled, and LIGHTLY tap it into place. If your hole is too small, pull the anchor out and widen your hole a little using your drill. It's okay, it happens!

Then take your screws and your screwdriver and screw them into the anchors. DO NOT screw them all the way in! If you do, you won't have anything to mount your picture/shelf on. You can always screw them in more if needed, but you run the risk of your anchor not being as strong if you screw and unscrew your screw {ok, that was a lot of "screws" in one sentence... sorry!}.

Then hang your shelf, check that's it's level, and start decorating!!! I added black and white photos of both my kids at about the same age. It's crazy how different they were.. though part of it is because my little guy has such bad food allergies he was pretty tiny! He wasn't gaining much weight... but still completely healthy.. just goes with the territory! PLUS, my baby girl was a bit of a chunker until she started crawling!

{BTW, did you notice that little hook on the right?}

Ya, this one!

Well, my super nifty shelf {I got it from Michael's and painted it white} sat in the garage for a couple months waiting for the right spot to be placed. While it waited... a very helpful person {the hubbs} moved it around to get to other things and part of the fancy end piece broke off. I didn't want to scrap the entire shelf for one little flaw, so I added a white hook to look like it had always been there... what do I use it for?

My keys! I am always digging around my purse to find my keys as I walk out the door. Now I know exactly where they are!

Now, where in my house is this lovely shelf?

It is just inside my house next to the door leading to the garage. It serves as our "mudroom" since we don't have a nice fancy room to use. You can see those white bins peeking out from under the little table.... those hold my kids' shoes. My purse hangs on one of knobs on my shelf next to my keys. I would love to put bead board behind it and really frame it out... but that is something that will have to wait.

These little shelves are great for wall organization. Use it to display some of your little trinkets. I plan to hang our stockings here at Christmas time - since we don't have a fireplace. It's a great place to hang backpacks or your purse. The organizational possibilities are endless! I LOVE easy projects like this that have drastic and dramatic effects!

So, do you have any anchor advice for a novice? What do you NEED to use anchors for in your home!?



  1. it looks so nice. I LOVE mudrooms! I don't have one either. We made a makeshift one in our garage. Speaking of anchors...funny story...I hung a large collage frame in our entry way when we moved in. I used two nails and the frame hung easily. Well, one day, months down the road, KABOOM! It fell, and my husband told me next time not to hang a frame by the staples in the back!

  2. THANK YOU for such a detailed posting!! All this is really useful! I usually rely on the hubby to do all this but now!...ooohhhhh....I'm feeling proud! ;-)

  3. Excellent and useful! Thanks for taking the time to post this.


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