In Need of Opinions!!!!

So I am toying with the idea of making my sweet goodies even sweeter!!! But first, I want your opinion. Tell me what you think....
I have seen store bought wash cloths wrapped up as cupcakes before, but have yet to see it done with handmade burp cloths, so I am thinking of making this my new "thing". I think they would make cute little gifts.

Cupcakes can be packaged in a cupcake box to make it look even more cupcake-y. Of course the packaging will be embellished much more than it is now with cute little tags giving the buyer the option of having the name printed on the tag or doing it themselves when they get it.

This candy roll is made using one of my large chenille blankets. I think I might use tulle instead of the plastic for the final ones.

I am just toying with the idea, but wanted to see what all of you out there thought. Is it worth it? Would you be more apt to buy with it wrapped up super cute like this? Or does it not really matter?!??

PLEASE.... let me know! thanks!!

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  1. katy - I think the cupcake idea is SUPER cute. I would definitely promote that on etsy. I've seen the spiral thing done to make them look like lolly-pops too, with a stick coming out the end. Haven't seen it in person, so I don't know exactly how it was done, but the final product was also wrapped in tulle.

    Good luck, they look so fun!

  2. I think these are super cute! -Theresa

  3. I have no doubt in my mind these will sell! I would totally purchase one as a gift for a baby shower...even decorations for a baby shower (like a diaper cake...which that could be another idea for you to create using your hand made stuff!!!)

  4. Love it! It all just depends on your budget. I think it's very cute though. A lot of products are usually bought due to cute packaging.


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