Happy Birthday JONAH!!!!

Today my baby boy turns 2!!!  He was born 12.28.2008 at 3:37am weighing 9lbs. 1 oz and 21 3/4 inches long! Labor was not long and I was only at the hospital 3 short hours before he was born!

Of course... my external hard drive with all by pictures isn't working... so this is one of the only ones of Jonah as a baby that I have on my hard drive - and it's in black and white! He is a couple months old here and just adored his sister... and she him!

In his honor I am offering a 15% discount TODAY ONLY on your entire purchase from my little shop! Enter code word BIRTHDAYJM at checkout to take advantage of this birthday deal!!


  1. It is oh so sweet when the little babies adore their older sibling(s). Some of my BEST pictures were of a younger sibling smiling at an older one!

  2. You have been nominated for the Stylish Blogger award. http://thisnthatboutiqueblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/my-first-award-so-excited.html


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