Welcome 2011!!!

I hope everyone had a safe New Year's Eve last night! I can't believe 2011 is here already!! I thought I would write a brief reflection post since it is the beginning of a new year!

Here are some highlights from 2010 (good and bad):
I opened for business on February 1. It has been exciting and tim consuming, but I have loved every minute of it.
• My daughter started attending an hourly preschool. It was great for her, and fun for me to spend some mommy time with my son!
• I learned how hard it is to have to use an epipen on my son. Lots of tears, lots of fear, but so much relief to see it work immediately. Thank goodness for modern medicine!
• I learned how so read ingredient labels on foods and have memorized all the different forms of milk to be able to recognize them.
• My sister and her husband had their first child. It was so exciting to see them become parents! They are GREAT parents!
• We took several family trips to Disneyland (l-o-v-e having an annual pass).
WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOME!!!! After much prayer and debating we decided to house hunt. Found one we really liked, put in an offer, and got it!
• I have learned what life is like without CABLE TV! It has been really hard. I love TLC, The Food Network, and the Disney Channel. Thanks to Netflix I can still see some of  my shows.
• I have begun to figure out what it is like to raise a little boy. Everyday is a new injury -- some more serious than others -- but he is the sweetest little thing!
• I am convinced my daughter is a 13 yr old in a 3-1/2 yr olds body!

It has been a great year full of ups and downs, much learning, and much excitement! I hope you had a great year too!!

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Happy New Year!!

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