My Current Sewing Project...

So, as I mentioned last week I am now past the half way point in this pregnancy and I'm feeling the time crunch to get as many of the "projects" on my long term to do list done. 

Last week I finished my sons blanket and pillowcase for his "big boy bed" {plus gave you a little tutorial on how to make a quilt using my "cheat" method of no binding.}

This weeks project has been working on my daughters quilt. Hers is much more labor intensive because I'm doing it the old fashioned way -- piecing it together.  I have been collecting my fabric for her quilt for a while and it's been one of those things that was put on the back burner for Etsy shop orders, birthday parties, custom cookie orders, and everything else that has come up in the last 6 months. 

With her birthday this past Monday, and a party on Saturday I am desperately trying to get it done so I can give it to her as a birthday present. She has been watching as I carefully laid out all the pieces for her quilt - in my own random pattern across our office and playroom floor. 

They sat that way for a couple days completely blocking the opening to my little office/craft room as I sewed my strips together. The kids kept trying to "sneak" around the pieces as I held my breath telling them to just stay put. Since it was a random pattern I couldn't really recreate it.... hence the picture I took... just in case! 

Tip for making a nice clean quilt... iron iron iron! After each of the pieces in a strip are sewn together, iron them all. Then once strips are sewn together, iron after each new strip is added. This is a picture of the half done quilt laying on my ironing board.

It took me about 4 days {not included the 2 or so it took to cut all my pieces out -- thank goodness for a rotary cutter and a LARGE cutting mat!} to sew all of my pieces together. I took it to her twin sized bed just to make sure it was as big as I wanted it to be... and it's perfect! 

Here's how it looks as of right now! 

I used 5.5" squares and 5.5"x10.5" rectangles to piece the quilt together. Using new fabrics that I bought specifically for this blanket as well as fabric scraps from my stash. 

I'm so glad we have such a nice large open floor plan in our home... otherwise this would be impossible!! 

Most of the lines line up... though if you look hard there are a couple that are just pretty close. Not bad for my first real quilt attempt! 

Now it's decision time.... to bind or not to bind. I am planning to tie the quilt because it is way too big to machine quilt it with my little machine. BUT... I don't have a quilting frame. So, the floor will become my best friend -- though my 4+ month pregnant belly makes it a little more difficult! Better get it done now while I can still get up off the floor. 

I'm leaning towards binding this one because it is so large and I think that tying it first will be much easier. Anyone with quilting experience have any suggestions!??! 
I would love to hear from you! 



  1. I love the design of this! So adorable! You rock!

  2. I love the softness of the colors in this quilt! How 'bout using bias binding tape?

  3. Very beautiful, I so wish I had this talent, maybe oneday I will learn.


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