The Home Stretch

I have officially entered the home stretch! The third trimester, and the last 11+ weeks of this pregnancy! 

Sadly, I can no longer see the floor. I can't pick things up off the floor unless I squat... which I suppose is good exercise so I should do it more often, right!??! 

I have 2 pairs of pants, 2 capris, and about 5 shirts that I wear... so I am doing laundry... ALL.THE.TIME!  But, this little girl is as active as can be and I'm thankful for that! The Dr. says all is well. That she is growing just fine and is healthy!! Yay! 

The major downside? She likes to settle in really low! Yup! Fun times!!  It causes a lot of pelvic pain and I'm moving slower and slower these days. Oh the joys of pregnancy, right?!?! I can't wait to meet this precious little girl! 

Is anyone else expecting!? When are you due? What are your favorite and least favorite parts about being pregnant?!!? 



  1. Hi Katy! You look great! I am 26 weeks today (Due Aug. 2nd). Other than the whole miracle of growing life inside of you (which is amazing), I don't like being pregnant at all. I get sick and every pregnancy side effect in the book. But this is my first singleton pregnancy (I had boy/girl twins last April...don't know if you remember making me the black & white bedskirts and little bird blankets) and this is much better than a twin pregnancy!

    1. I can only imagine how much worse it is with twins. Well, not worse... but harder. I'm the same way.. sick for a while, and not loving the whole being pregnant thing. But, as you said, it's a definite miracle and so I can't really complain... too much! :)

      Congrats!!! (And yes, I totally remember your bed skirts and blankets. Your nursery turned out so cute!!)

  2. Not expecting but I can sympathize with those pelvic pains. My daughter sat really low and I much pain that I couldn't walk some days. My son was different. It sat high for most of the pregnancy. Glad all is well!

  3. I'm 22 weeks with twins! So I definitely feel your pain! This is my third pregnancy, so everything already seems to hurt a lot more! Are you going to take some time away from everything once she arrives?

  4. Congrats on the third trimester! I'm 18 weeks with my second! I love being pregnant (after the 1st trimester at least). My favourite part is definitely feeling the kicks. I think the worst part is the recovery after having the baby. I wasn't ready for it the first time so hopefully I'll rebound a little better this time!
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