Grocery List Printable

Since I first posted my grocery list printable, it has had more than 600 downloads! WOW... I didn't realize that so many people would be so interested in the way I organize my grocery shopping! 

I still love my list, but it has become a little outdated for me. I like to change my style once in a while so I figured I would update the look of my grocery list as well as make a couple changes. 

Here's the version I use now:

All of the headings are the same. So, what is the difference!??! Well, obviously the color scheme changed. I have found the a brighter colored paper makes me feel better about going shopping {not that I feel that bad about going, but sometimes it just gets to be a chore}. With a fun new list that is bright and cheery, I LOVE writing and bringing my list with me! 

I also changed the heading from "Grocery List" to "My Shopping List". Why!?! Well, I now use this printable not just for the grocery store, but for Costo, Target, and anywhere else I go shopping. That's why I also added the extra space next to the title for me to write the name of the store this list is for. Pretty smart, huh?! Now I can keep multiple lists running and when I am ready to go to the store, I just grab the list that I need! 

Want to update the way you use your shopping list too!??! 

Download my new list here

Happy shopping!! 


  1. Love the updated list but having trouble getting it to download (in media fire). I like that you made categories to allow shopper to fill in as needed. What did you use to create your list? Thanks so much!

    1. I'm not sure why it wasn't working, but it looks like it's working now. Give it another try and please let me know if you are still having trouble and I will email it to you. :)


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