I'm dumber than a razor scooter!

This morning my cute little one woke up at 5am. Not bad since she fell asleep around 8pm last night. I decided that because I was up early that I would make my daughter's lunch, pack the diaper bag, and wake the kids up early so we could scooter/walk to school! They jumped moseyed out of bed after waking them up a couple of times... 

.. we got all ready to go and started our walk. Now, any of you moms of little ones out there know this is no easy task! We've tried it several times and this is the first time we've actually gotten all ready with time to walk to school. 

Thinking ahead, I decided to load up my little one in her car seat and put her in the front of our double stroller. The older kids insisted on scootering. GREAT! More exercise for us all!! Woohoo! 

We made it about 4 houses down the street when my almost 4 year old decided he didn't want to scooter any more. 
"Okay, do you just want to walk?" 
"No, I don't want to walk either."
"Ummm.... do you want to ride in the stroller?"
"YA! I want to ride in the basket."

On I trudged with two kids in the double stroller, and one on her scooter... what a champion! She scooted all the way to school -- probably 3/4 of a mile. 

{you can see the top of my little guys helmet in the backseat of the stroller!}

I loaded my little guys Radio Flyer scooter on the top of the stroller. No biggie. I can do this, two kids a scooter and my diaper bag. I'm feeling those calories burn! 

We get to school, take my daughter's helmet off and I attempt to fold up her scooter so I can slip it in the basket of the stroller. 

Ummm.... hello!?! You are supposed to fold. I know you fold. I've seen you fold. My husband has folded you before! 

Apparently I'm dumber than a razor scooter! 

I never could get that sucker scooter to fold up. So, I walked the 3/4 of a mile home pushing what I swear must be close to 70 lbs. (30+ lb. son, 12lb. baby, carrier, two scooters, and the diaper bag). 

By the time I got home (ya, it's all uphill the way home too... did I mention that!?!? Okay, not uphill but it inclines... I promise!) my legs felt like jello. Now, if I can do this every day I am sure to lose this baby weight!! 


  1. What fun for your big girl! You're such an awesome mom. That will be a great memory for her and a great workout for you. =)

  2. Bless your heart. I probably would have had to sit down and take a break on that trip back. Pushing a stroller on an incline with a just baby is hard enough. You are truly a trooper.

    Visiting from YUMMommy

  3. Hey there! Great job for that 70 lbs.! Some slam scooters are heavily accessorized, that's why I know how it feels!


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