Tutorial: Easy Jeweled Headband

When Whippy Cakes was closing their doors I snatched up a super cute jeweled headband for my little one. BUT.... as babies do ... she has grown {and so has her head!}. Her cute headband doesn't fit her anymore, and I'm totally bummed because I loved it. It is simple, cute, and can be worn with anything

The last time I was at JoAnn's I came across some "ribbon" {because it's in the ribbon section, but not technically ribbon} that was exactly the same as the jeweled headband. So, I examined my headband at home and decided to try my hand at making my own! 

Want to make your own?? 

I was totally surprised with how easy it was to re-create the headband. LOVE IT! Simply, cute, and easy... does it get any better!?!? 

You could make one for you, for your kids... or {and this is my thinking....} create some as party favors for a princess party! {my daughter is coming up on her 6th birthday and I'm seriously thinking of making one for each of her friends}

Here's what you need:
1 spool of jewel craft ribbon {like this one}
1 spool of 3/8 white satin ribbon
1 package round elastic cording
glue gun and glue stick

First step.... take a measurement. Using a measuring tape, or a string, measure how big around your headband needs to be. Then cut your pieces. 

My baby's head was 16.5" in diameter at the point where her headband would rest. I cut 12" of the jeweled "ribbon" and 5" of the elastic. The point where the elastic and the headband will join will be hidden behind her ears. 

{If you want to be sure that yours is hidden too, measure the diameter of your head, then measure the same area from ear to ear going over the top of your head. Subtract that from your total measurement, add 1/2" and that is the length for your elastic.}

Next.... warm up your glue gun. Put a small drop of glue on the BACK of the jewel on the end. Then glue the tip of your elastic to that jewel. To create some extra security on mine -- since it's for my little one -- I placed the end of my elastic on the last jewel and slid it up to the second to last jewel. Repeat for the other end of your jeweled ribbon and the other end of your elastic. 

Then .... take your white ribbon and cut a piece about 2 inches long. Use a lighter or candle to heat seal both ends of it. Then cut it in half.

Use your glue gun to glue the UN-heat sealed edge to the back of one side where the elastic and jewels are glued together.

Continue gluing and wrapping the ribbon around the junction until you get to the end of the ribbon. Your heat sealed edge should be on top. Repeat for the other side. 

Then dress up your little one and take some cute pictures of your little princess!! 

So close ... you can't tell which is the original!

I love how sparkly it is without being totally blinged out!

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