Etsy Seller Series: Setting Up Shop Part 1 (Your Public Profile)

{If you are new to this series, be sure to check out the first post here on getting started.}

Today we are talking about setting up your shop! Now that you have decided on your name, your branding, and got your finances in order it's time to set up your shop so you are ready to go! 

part 1 -- Your Public Profile

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Once you register for your Etsy account you can login to set up your shop. 
When you first login your screen will look similar to this one:

Move your cursor to the top right where it says "Your Account" and then click on "Public Profile". 
You will be shown a screen that looks like this:

You can add your profile picture and information about you on this page. 

Your profile picture is what customers will see when you interact with them -- via conversations. You can choose to set this up as an actual picture of yourself {which some people find to be more personal} or as a graphic image to keep with your branding. It is completely up to you and your personal preference. I have tried it both ways in my shop, and have dealt with other Etsy sellers who have theirs both ways and honestly... it doesn't make much of a difference. 

Your name is displayed on your shop page under your shop name. It is nice for your customers to know who you are. You can put just a first name if you prefer to keep some privacy. 

Your city let's your customers know where your products will be shipping from. Personally I display both the city in which I live as well as two other prominent nearby cities. This way if people haven't heard of my particular city they will have an idea of where I am from. 

Your birthday is only shown when someone clicks to view your profile page. It is not shown on your shop homepage. I'm honestly not sure what the reason is for displaying it, but I have gotten birthday wishes before from other Etsy members. :)

The About section is really important!. This is where you can share about yourself and what you do. Think about these questions when you sit down to write:
• What do you do?
• What do you like to do?
• When did you start your love for ______? {sewing, painting, crafting, etc}
• Why did you open your shop?
• What is your inspiration?
• Where do you do your ______? {sewing, painting, crafting, etc. -- home office? studio? outdoors?}
• Who is your product for?
• What can people use your products for?

Your Favorite Materials is a place for you to list the things you most like to work with. This is a great way for customers to get another glimpse of what your product is. 

At the bottom of the page is a section that looks like this:

This area is for you to choose which things are shown publicly on your profile. you definitely want to check "Shop" so that customers can view your shop from your profile page. I also suggest you click to show your "Treasury lists" and your "Teams". Choosing to show your "Favorite items" and "Favorite shops" is up to you. As for me, I keep those private. I don't want my customers knowing where I purchase supplies from. I also use my favorites for inspiration and to keep track of the competition. :)

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