"Quilt-A-Long Series" - Baby Quilt: Assignment 3 - Adding the Border to Your Quilt

Hopefully everyone has caught up on our quilt-a-long series. If you are just joining in you can scroll to the bottom of this post to see assignments one and two. By now your quilt should look something like this:

The center portion of your quilt is done!

*This Weeks Assignment:
 Complete the two border pieces surrounding your quilt center.

Don't know how to get started? Here's how I did it.

Step 1:
Using your solid color 1/4yd piece of fabric, cut strips (from selvage to selvage) that are 1.5" wide. You will need 4 strips (43/44" long x 1.5" wide) and will have a small bit of your fabric left over.

Step 2:
***Before continuing on, take a minute to square your quilt -- you will be so glad that you did. Make sure that all four sides of your quilt are straight and that your corner make a 90ยบ angle. If you don't square up your quilt your finished quilt may be a little wonky! 

Taking two of your cut strips, pin (or use wonder clips like I do) your border piece to the long two sides of your quilt center. You can fold your strip in half, finger press the fold, and line up the center of your strip to the center of your quilt. Your strips will be plenty long so if you want to just "eye-ball" the center that it fine too! ♥

Step 3:
Stitch your border to your quilt top using a 1/4" seam allowance. Have I mentioned how much I love my new 1/4" quilting foot for my machine!? No.... well, I LOVE IT!!! It allows me to make a perfect 1/4" seam every time. {I got mine on Amazon.com for around $15--- so worth it!!}

Repeat for the other long side of your quilt.

Step 4:
Take your quilt top your your ironing board. First press the seam as you sewed it to set the stitching. Then open up your seam and press your border into place. Repeat for the other long side.

Step 5:
Using a ruler and your rotary cutter, trim the excess border from each corner of your quilt.

Next, take your other two strips and pin them onto the shorter sides of your quilt top using the same method as before.

Your corners will look like this. When you sew your strip on, be sure to sew all the way to the edge of the strips you have previously sewn on.

Be sure to set your seams and press your strips open after sewing them on. Then trim the extra fabric off of each corner. Your quilt top will now have a solid colored border all the way around.

Step 6:
Now we are going to create the outer, wider border for your quilt. Using your 1/2 yd of printed or solid color fabric, cut strips that are 4.5"x43/44" (width of your fabric). You will need 4 strips.

Step 7:
Pin your large border pieces onto the longer sides first, sew using a 1/4" seam allowance, set the stitches, and press your fabric open.

Repeat with the shorter quilt sides. Be sure to trim the excess fabric from the corners on the long sides before you pin and sew the short sides.

Step 8:
After pressing your entire quilt top (feel free to use starch on your borders if you like) stand back and admire your handiwork! Your quilt top is now officially DONE!!!

Up next week we will work on putting the quilt top, batting, and backing together. We will also use the sewing machine to quilt our baby quilt. If you don't already have a walking foot for your machine, you should see about getting one for next week. You can order them through amazon.com or stop by your local sewing machine store and pick one up. A walking foot helps to feed the top and bottom layers of your quilt through your sewing machine at the same rate so that your fabric doesn't bunch on the bottom as you sew. You will also want to pick up a can of basting spray at your sewing supply store (it makes your quilting life so much easier -- trust me!).

To get this week:

Basting Spray

Walking Foot


Check out the previous assignments here if you need to play "catch-up". 

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