5 Month Update on Baby Jacob

I CANNOT believe that nearly 5 1/2 months have gone by since my little guy was born! He is the sweetest, happiest little guy and I LOVE him! 

You wouldn't know it looking at him now, but if you've been following on my facebook page you know we have been struggling to get him to gain weight! At his 4 month check up he had reached 12 pounds and finally made it onto the growth charts at a whopping 2%. I have never been so happy to hear a 2% score in my life!! 

We struggled with breastfeeding and ultimately ended up with a combination of breast and formula to get him to put on the pounds! He is the sweetest, best baby I could ever wish for. He only cries when he needs mommy!

Plus, he has the most handsome smile ever! He's sportin' his Thirsties cloth diaper and a newsboy hat I made him in these pictures.  His baby blue eyes are sure to make him a heart breaker in a couple years.

He goes in for his 6 month check-up in a few weeks and I'm hoping he has continued to put on some weight. I have been making my lactation cookies to try and keep up with him!

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