LDS Primary 2017 Binder and Class Printables

If you haven't already put together your binders and door signs for Primary this new year, I have some freebies for you to use.

Make sure you check out my other Primary freebies here after you grab these fun prints to download.

This is what I am using this year for our teacher binder covers and spines. I purchase white 3-ring binders from Costco and set them up for our teachers. Inside is the manual, photos in sheet protectors, a class list with contact info, a letter from our Primary President, a sub list, and the schedule.

Download your cover and spines here.

• • • • •

On each classroom door we post class lists that include all the children in the class, the teacher(s) name(s), and the room number. (Really, the room number is just for us so we know where to post the signs for the first few weeks).

This is how ours look this year. Feel free to download your own PDF copy. Sorry, it is not editable, but it is blank so you can hand write, or glue on a typed list of your class information. We also post a master list outside the primary room.

Download your classroom door signs here.

• • • • •

For the presidency, I created a calendar binder cover. At a glance you can see the monthly theme. As secretary this helps me a TON when I am putting together weekly assignment cards. Sometimes the theme for the week is difficult for the kids to write talks and find scriptures for, so I will just write the monthly theme instead so they have a broader topic to focus on.
Download your free calendar binder cover here.

• • • • •

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Thank you for these! They're great!
    I noticed the link for downloading the classroom door signs is actually linked to the binder cover and spines.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! It's all fixed now. :)

    2. Thank you so much! These are great! :) Thanks for sharing!!


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