Blog Update and a Question

Hey all! Hopefully you have been following me on Instagram. If not... please go and follow me! If you've been over there you have seen that there has been A LOT going on lately.

We had some MAJOR construction that is now DONE (thankfully) and now it's time to get everything put back and decorate the way I want to. I've been doing some smaller home improvement projects -- including building this sewing desk.

I designed and built it myself (with an assist by my hubby to hold a light while I polyurethane-d in the dark outside). It is long enough to hold my sewing machine, serger, coverstitch machine, and my embroidery machine. P.S. I'm hoping to post a full sewing room tour once it's finished... so consider this a teaser...

I found as our stuff was boxed up and stored for 4 months that we didn't miss all the stuff (pretty common for anyone living through construction I'm sure). So, while I unpack box after box I am also downsizing the amount of 'stuff' we have. One of the things we have a TON of are children's books. My kids love to read, and I love that they love to read, but sometimes the books start to sort of take over... everything!

To try and keep that from happening I decided we needed to streamline the amount of books we have out and how they are displayed. My kids range from 3-10 years old so their taste and ability for books is very different. My older kids each have a bookshelf in their bedrooms to house most of their chapter books, while my younger kids keep their books in our playroom. I designed and built these book shelves so that we only have a small amount of books out at a time. The rest are stored in the garage and my plan (wink wink) is to rotate the books every so often so they don't get bored.

I'm still working on putting everything together but I want to hear from you guys!

What would you like to see on the blog? Are you more interested in "naptime" type crafts that can be finished completely in a short amount of time? Or are you more interested in longer d├ęcor/building type projects?

Leave me a comment and let me know. I will post again soon with another fun project!

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