DIY Table Runner - Beginning Sewing Project

I was doing some SPRING CLEANING the other day and realized that our well-loved dining table was looking a little sad. I remembered this cute linen fabric I had in my stash and thought it would make the cutest, simple table runner to dress up my table. 

Anyone else do their best crafting/sewing when they are supposed to be doing something else!?!

Well, I am going to walk you through just how EASY it is to sew your own table runner if you have basic sewing supplies and know-how! Follow along below...

To start here's what you are going to need:
  •  2-3 yards of fabric (depending on the length of your table)
  • a tape measure 
  • basic sewing supplies (scissors, iron, sewing machine, thread, etc.)
That's IT! 

1. Start by measuring your table. Mine is 36" wide and 72" long. I decided that I liked the look of about a 13" wide runner. I wanted it to hang down from the ends on both sides about 8 inches. 

2. Cut your fabric. Add 1 inch to ALL sides of your runner measurements. So, I cut my fabric at 15"x92" (13"+2" by 90"+2").

3. Iron your LONG sides. Fold over one of the long side 1/2" towards the back. So, lay your runner right side down, and fold your edge up and over so that the raw(cut) side of your fabric is now on the wrong side. (Got it?) -- it may take a little bit of maneuvering if your runner is super long like mine. 

4. Iron the LONGsides again. Now simple fold it over again so that you are hiding the raw edge of the fabric. (So, now you have folded and ironed that side TWICE). Repeat for the other long side of your runner. 

5. Sew down both LONG sides. Take your runner to your sewing machine. (Make sure you have a matching thread in your machine if you don't want your stitches to show.)  I used a 4.0 stitch length and sewed a line about 3/8 from the folded edge of my runner. Make sure that you stich with the right side of your runner facing up. Be sure as you sew to check to make sure your folds are staying in place. 

6. Iron your SHORT sides. Repeat the same process with your short sides. I chose to fold mine over about 3/4" this time to add some extra weight to the ends that will be hanging down. Fold the edges over twice and iron in place.

(If you are a cut-your-threads-as-you-go kind of sewist, then by all means... cut away. I tend to save my thread cutting until the end.)

7. Sew the SHORT sides. I kept my FIRST top stitch on the short sides at 3/8" from the folded edge.

8. Sew a SECOND top stich along the SHORT sides. Since I made the fold of my short sides a little bit wider, I decided to add  second top stitch line along the short sides -- but not the long sides. I set up the needle on my sewing machine so that I could line the edge of my presser foot up with the first stitching line that I made, and my needle would be about 1/4" away. (Really, there isn't a science to the measurements... do what works best for you and your sewing machine.) Sew down both short sides again to add the second row of stitching.

9. Iron your ENTIRE runner. This part can take a while if your runner is long. You want to make sure to heat set your stitches into your fabric. An over all ironing is always good after you complete a sewing project so that everything is nice and crisp!

10. Step back and ADMIRE your creation. This is the fun part. This is when it all comes together. This is my favorite part!!!

 (Anyone else have mismatched dining chairs because their children keep breaking chairs?)

 (I had my kiddos help cut some little branches off our plants around the yard to put in my mason jar box. The centerpiece doesn't have to be above and beyond to look nice. I love bringing some of the outdoors inside!)

Now, go make a table runner for every season/holiday/birthday/everyday! You will end up with lots of leftover fabric from your initial 2-3 yards, so I make a few of these to have on hand for when we have people over for holidays and set up extra tables... or just because it WILL get dirty in my house and need to be washed, and I want my table to still look pretty.

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