NEW Farmhouse Grain Sack Pillow Cover

Brand new to the Etsy Shop this week is this machine embroidered farmhouse pillow cover. Not only is it really soft, but it has farmhouse charm written all over it... quite literally! Each pillow cover is made out of reproduction grain sack fabric. It is like having the real thing, but without all the muck and odor found in a real grain sack! 

This embroidered pillow cover is available in 3 sizes (with links to purchase your insert): 
12 inches x16 inches (
12 inches x 20 inches (
12 inches x24 inches (
 so you can choose the size that best fits your space! I have mine pictured in the 12"x16" size -- because that's the size insert I already had. 

Isn't this just the most adorable little pillow ever? Wouldn't it be perfect on your entryway bench? or in your guest room? My kids are already trying to claim this one as theirs... but it's totally going to live on my bed for now!!

Watch for more grain sack pillow covers to come in a few different sizes and styles. Where will you put yours?

Shop for your farmhouse inspired pillow covers here. You can find THIS farmhouse pillow cover here.

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