Mini Bathroom Renovation

About two months ago we had a MAJOR plumbing problem in our bathrooms. If you follow us on Instagram you probably remember seeing our horrifying pictures and stories about our two days of problems.

Long story short, the plumber had to rip out the bath tub and surround in our master bathroom. It is going to cost a few thousand dollars to repair the plumbing under our slab floor -- because it was installed wrong nearly 60 years ago when the house was built. Lucky us! 

I have been dreaming of what I can do in this tiny bathroom since then, and saving things like crazy on Pinterest (feel free to take a look at my board... it's gorgeous!). But, we found out last week that the company my husband works for it being closed and he's out of a job as of tomorrow. So, the bathroom project has been put on hold until we can find him a new job and save up the money for it. 

The problem is we still had this ugly, open wall that I have to stare at every morning when I get ready for the day, and every time I go into my bathroom. So, I decided this week that I had seen enough of that ugly space, and was taking matters into my own hands! 

I think it looks way better than it did, and even though it's a temporary fix, it makes me happy to look at in the mornings now. 

I used scrap pieces of faux shiplap (1/4 underlayment from Lowe's that was ripped down to 5 1/2 inch stripes). They were left over from when I added the faux shiplap to the wall at the end of our hallway. You can see how I did that in this post. 

I don't quite have enough scraps left to finish both of the side walls, and you can see just how ugly it was before I added the faux shiplap to it. Yikes!

This little wall from start to finish took only a few hours and I was able to use supplies I already had on hand. If you want to see exactly how I did it you can check out my YouTube video. It's a little bit long, but I had to do some beam patching behind the shiplap to help with some termite damage from YEARS ago. I'm hoping that the look of it will convince my husband that we need more shiplap in our life, hahaha!

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