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Everyone has a special space in their home where they feel the most creative, productive, and just all around happiest. Right? For me, it's in my office/craft room.

While at times it becomes a dumping ground for everything my husband can't seem to find a place for, it is my inner sanctuary. The family knows that when I am in my space I am working. I like to fill my space with simple motivational and inspirational messages. They keep me going when I get in to a creative "funk".  Those of you who think outside the box probably feel that way too from time to time.

So, while I sat down to work this morning I decided that instead of tackling my mile-long to do list, I would create something fun and FREE for you guys!

This beautifully simple sign is going up in my space to remind me why it is I do what I do.

I created it as a .jpeg, a .png, and a PDF so that you can print yours in whatever size and format works best for your space.

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