Unfinished Candlestick Inspiration and a Deal You Won't Want to Miss!

Today we have launched an awesome deal on Jane.com for our unfinished candlesticks. We are even including a FREE e-book with 20+ pages of tips, tricks, and ideas for how to finish your candlesticks.

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Just for fun though, we want to share some other ideas we came across on ways you can craft with, display, or use your candlesticks. Here are some of our favorites!


This use is kind of an obvious one, but you can up your game by painting, staining, or adding candles to your candlesticks to create the perfect centerpiece for your next get together.

Paint them white and add a wood disc to the top using E600 or wood glue. Then you can add a lovely votive candle to the top and have a beautiful candle display like this one. 

Paint your candlesticks with gold (or your favorite) metallic paint. You can even use a toothbrush and some black paint to patina your candlesticks a little bit. Then use them to create a whimsical party tables-cape

You can even leave them without the candles for a more rustic look on your table. I love the way the candlesticks and this winter greenery look together. 

Craft Projects

You might think to yourself, "well, I'm not a crafty person", but I am here to say that everyone can be crafty with the right help and inspiration. Here are a couple easy craft projects that you can totally do! 

This project is a easy as 1-2-3, literally! Simply spray paint your candlestick and take two metal cake pans. These look like they have been well loved, adding to the rustic feel. Be sure to center your cake pans, then glue them onto your candlestick. This isn't really food safe, but would make a great way to display cute soaps or washcloths in your bathroom. I can imagine this filled with hair bows and hair ties in a little girls room too! 

This one is even easier because it only used ONE cake pan! Ha! You can keep the candlestick unfinished, paint it white, or match the color of your cake pan. What a simple way to really elevate your decor! 

A Little More Complicated Crafting ... 

If you are a serious crafter, you may not need much of any inspiration, but we gathered a couple ideas for those of us who have a special love for any and all craft project! 

Check out these candlesticks! These took some serious talent, time, and patience. Look at the details! 

These are the most glitterific candlesticks I've seen (sorry, my kids are watching Barbie in the other room... and I think it may be rubbing off on me as I type!). These would make a fun addition to a candy bar, or your Spring decor. Using a simple plate, some glue, and some paint you can really transform a set of unfinished candlesticks!

This one isn't necessarily difficult, but it can be time consuming... or, you could make it more difficult depending on how you paint the cute little bird houses. You can find little houses like this at JoAnn, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby ... not to mention online at lots of other places. 

This is one of my favorites... and I may just have to make one or two of these myself! These adorable pin cushions are just too cute! What a fun way to decorate in your sewing space while keeping it functional! The best of both worlds for sure. 

Keep it simple ... 

Of course, there is also something to be said for keeping them unfinished and putting them on display in all their raw glory. 

If you've missed the deal, don't worry. I sell these in my Etsy Shop too!

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