How to Build a Shower Niche

It's finally happening... our bathroom renovation has begun... officially!! 

The bathtub was installed over the weekend and despite my 5 year old coming down with the stomach flu Sunday morning... I was determined to start working on the tub/shower walls. So first thing Monday morning, I went to Lowe's and Home Depot (because one store didn't have everything I was looking for), and got to work! 

Now, with all good home renovation projects there is an element of planning that must happen before the actual work can begin. For my bathroom project, we decided to go with a simple white tub and some large subway tiles for the wall. I decided to complicate things a little further by adding a shampoo/soap niche in the wall. You know what I mean, right?

I small cut out area perfect for storing the shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, etc. Mine won't look quite this glamorous... I'm keeping it simple (that's my motto)... but none the less, I wanted one. So, I did what any good DIY-er does.. I headed over to YouTube to educate myself. 

There are lots of good videos... and lots that aren't. I learned a lot and decided what I did and DID NOT want to do to create my niche. Then I got to work. 

While I worked I put together a short video that shows step by step how I built it. I don't have photos, so you'll have to go over to my YouTube channel and take a look. 

While you are over there, be sure to subscribe to my channel. We will be videoing the process along the way and would love to have you join us for all of the ups, downs, and the ins and outs of this DIY project! 

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