Chalkboard Style Wood Sign Tutorial

If you follow home decor on Instagram, you are sure to have seen the chalkboard finished wood signs. You know, the ones that cost A LOT of money and hang over influencers fireplaces and beds. What if I told you that you could get the same look at home by doing a simple DIY? 

Here's how to do it: 

I created this SVG file for you guys for FREE in case you are wanting to make your own star wood sign for the summer. You can grab it here: Free Star SVG.

To make this even easier for you, I put together a YouTube video on my channel with step by step instructions for how to create this exact sign. I also show how I created the chalkboard finish on the sign by using Annie Sloan White Wax and a clean rag. You won't believe just how easy it is to get that high end look! Check out the video here:

All you will need is a painted wood sign (without the frame makes it easiest), some white wax (I used Annie Sloan), and a clean rag. 

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