2018 Year at a Glance FREE Download and Contest/Giveaway

I am already starting to think about planning and calendaring for next year. When I work at my computer I don't like to be constantly going back and forth in my planner looking for dates... so I created a simple year at a glance printable that I just taped to the wall behind my computer desk. Now it's easy to reference dates and see everything on one page without having to find my planner -- that is probably buried under the mail or school papers in the other room.

Since I love you guys, I am giving this to you too! Plus, I am going to have a small social media contest too... here are the details:

• Download your FREE calendar printable
• Print it out
• Display it in your home
• Take a picture of how you displayed it and where
• Post it somewhere on social media (be sure it's a public post) and tag me on Facebook @naturallycreativemama or on Instagram #naturallycreativemamacalendarcontest

I will randomly choose a winner the last week of each month until the end of the year (September, November, December) to win a fun little something!!

Download here.

PS Watch for some upcoming posts on things to get us organized and ready for the new year!!

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Rustic DIY Decor - How to Age Wood Projects

If you are like me you are hoping to get some little rustic odds and ends into your home d├ęcor without breaking the bank. Am I right?

I have been watching Fixer Upper (who hasn't) and my favorite bloggers on YouTube (Shanty2Chic) and decided that I needed some flower blossom stems in my home. BUT, as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the recycled glass vases that you see those stems in, it just isn't functional in my home. With four kiddos (10 and under) I need something that is a little more durable than a big glass vase.

So, I thought about it and decided that I was going to raid our wood scrap stash and build a vase (really, it's just a long skinny box without a lid) for my plum blossom stems. I wanted a rustic look to it though, so I came up with this way to get what I was wanting. The best part was, the only thing I spent any money on was the stems themselves (from World Market). Everything else I already had on hand.

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Menu Planner FREE Download

The beginning of the school year always seem like a good time to refresh. If you or your kids are going to school this fall I bet you are busy buying all your school supplies and getting them organized. I LOVE shopping for school supplies. There is something almost magical about the smell of a new box of crayons and freshly sharpened pencils. Not to mention all the cute organizing supplies that are out there!!

I'm pretty much done with my kids school shopping but still have a lot of organizing ahead of me... and we only have about a week before school starts. So, I need to step up my game BIG TIME.

In keeping with the whole refreshing theme, I added a refresh of my grocery list (here and here) -- it was totally time for a change! It is one of my most popular posts by far and my top downloaded printable. This time I not only made it a little easier for printing (it's black and white so you can save on your ink) but I also made it available as a full 8.5"x11" (A4) size and a half sheet size 5.5"x8.5" (A5) so if you are the type that wants to keep it in your planner you can!

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Blog Update and a Question

Hey all! Hopefully you have been following me on Instagram. If not... please go and follow me! If you've been over there you have seen that there has been A LOT going on lately.

We had some MAJOR construction that is now DONE (thankfully) and now it's time to get everything put back and decorate the way I want to. I've been doing some smaller home improvement projects -- including building this sewing desk.

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Choose the Right Sign FREE Printable

I am having a lot of fun creating simple FREE printables for you guys!

Here is another 8x10" sign for this years theme in Primary. I am thinking of using some mod-podge to put it on a wood block... or maybe putting it in a frame in each of my kids' rooms.

Download your free sign here.

{the watermark is only for this blog post. The actual downloaded image will not show the watermark.}

I can't wait to see how you display your sign. I know some of you are super creative and can come up with better ideas of how to use it than I can. Be sure to tag me in social media when you share what you made with it. #naturallycreativemama

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