Marble Magnets Tutorial

Looking for an inexpensive way to make some cute custom magnets? Here's how.
Buy yourself a bag of these. I bought the biggest marbles they had at Joann's but they sell them at most craft stores in the floral section. Mine measured about an inch in diameter. They come in lots of different colors, but I chose clear. Next, go to the arts and crafts section and pick up some heavy duty magnets. I counted wrong (go figure), so I used some left over magnets on my fridge for the other ones.
I found some cute black and white graphics of milk cartons and juice boxes and used my paint program on the computer to color them in. The water bottles were as is. I took one of the marbles and used it to trace the shape so I could cut them out. Isn't it great that the marbles are see through? I was able to get the picture right where I wanted it!
Then cut out your circles. They don't have to be exact, and I found that I needed to cute a little inside of the circle I traced around each picture so that it fit well on the marble.

This is the fun part. Take out your handy-dandy mod podge and a sponge brush. Coat the back (flat side) of the marble with a thin coat of mod podge. Then apply your picture to the podge picture side down. Make sure that you can see your image through the rounded side of the marble. Repeat for all your marbles. Let it dry completely before moving on. It took mine between 1-2 hrs to dry all the way.

Here is what the dried marbles look like from the front. Cute huh?

Next glue the magnets on the back of the marbles. Put a good amount of glue on it so the marbles stay put!
Finished product on the fridge!

So, why did I choose beverages??!??! Good question. My daughter, if you remember from an earlier post, is a juice-a-holic. She also loves chocolate milk. We have to put a limit on her choco milk and juice intake to make sure that she still drinks water! So, I came up with this idea. She gets 2 cups of chocolate milk, and 2 cups of juice each day. Each time she drinks one, she moves the magnet for that beverage over to the other side of the fridge. When she wants another drink, she can see what her options are by looking at the fridge. Once the choco milk and juice magnets are gone... she knows she can't drink those any more that day.
The great thing about this project is its versatility. You can use your favorite scrapbook paper and make decorative magnets. Use photos to personalize magnets -- use one for each child and hang their art/school work on the fridge. Print pictures of chores and make a fridge chore chart.


  1. i love this!
    we have a problem with our son being a chocolate milk addict and juice junkie as well. its non stop what he asks for!
    weve been using the 'serve youself' method and he has a cup and can get his own water, but that does not last long during the day.
    i'll be trying this idea out!
    AND i'll make other magnets with the kids faces just for fun!
    thanks for the post!


  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing! What a great idea to monitor sugar intake!
    I am your newest follower! Can't wait to read more of your blog!
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  9. What a fab idea!!

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  10. So cute! I am going to have the kids make some for the Grandma's!

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